The difference between Intuitive Guidance and a Psychic Reading

While I do have quite strong psychic ability, I have realized over the years in my profession that I get much more joy from helping someone through Intuitive Guidance rather than just a plain old Psychic Reading. While the two share similarities, they are not exactly the same, especially not in the perception of the general population. 

While both require psychic ability and can help a client with issues regarding love, relationships, job, career, money, spiritual path, etc., they vary in format and depth.

A psychic reading is pretty much when the client expects the reader to know literally everything under the sun without being told. That may sound a bit cynical, but it’s quite true. Also when a client goes to a psychic reading, they are interested mainly in predictions and telling the future. By the general population’s standards, a psychic reading is more of a form of entertainment. While psychic readings can be very, very real and I’ve done hundreds if not thousands of them with excellent feedback, the term does have a bit of a tarnished reputation as the result of some dishonest people throughout history. It is my personal opinion that simply having someone tell you things about yourself that you already know and relinquishing your personal power to future predictions is self-defeating and dis-empowering.

This is why my readings have always been much deeper, aiming to help my client to see their life on a deeper level and empower themselves to make the best decisions to create their ideal future. Part of my life purpose and reason for being in this business is to help others to heal and evolve into the highest and best version of themselves.

Therefore, I have recently felt guided to transform my reading sessions into Intuitive Guidance, so that I am authentically in alignment with my life’s purpose. 

In Intuitive Guidance, while the practitioner still uses their psychic abilities to receive insightful information for the client, there is much more interaction between the practitioner and the client. The client shares with the practitioner the issues they are experiencing and would like to resolve or change. The intuitive guide, using their psychic/intuitive abilities and metaphysical knowledge, helps the client to gain insight into their current situations or circumstances and uncover personal challenges within that need to be addressed in order to make positive change. The guide also suggests spiritual and metaphysical methods and tools that the client can use to make personal progress.

The focus is on helping the client to gain spiritual perspective about their situation, to become self-empowered to transcend their challenges and how to bring further enlightenment into their lives.

So, while Intuitive Guidance still involves much of the same as a Psychic Reading, the format and outcome are slightly different and on a deeper level.


In other words:

If you’re looking for entertainment or just basic answers to questions, you might want a Psychic Reading. 

If you’re looking to actually improve your life’s path through spiritual insights and self-empowerment, you might want Intuitive Guidance.

I offer Intuitive Guidance sessions to help you along your path. Please click the button below to read more and make an appointment.


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