Do you have any openings for appointments other than what’s on your scheduling calendar?

Sorry, but that answer is no. If you do not see a time listed in my appointment scheduler, I am not available. Please do not call or email for an appointment that is not on the scheduler. Thank you for understanding.

Do you sell spiritual supplies like sage, incense, etc.?

At the time, I do not sell spiritual supplies to the public. The products kept on hand are only for my clients and students. Please do not try to come in just to buy products or supplies.

How many healing sessions do I need?

This varies for each individual person. Generally, the recommended regimen is 4-6 sessions spaced one week apart, followed by 4-6 bi-weekly sessions, tapering off into monthly sessions. This goes especially for those who are dealing with pain, disease, anxiety, depression, or other longer-term ongoing issues. For some, depending on the clients issues or condition, one session can do the trick. Energy healing is NOT a miracle pill, so please understand that if you do not have your desired effect after one session, it means that more are needed. 

I would like to come teach a class or hold an event, workshop or seminar at your office. What are your commission rates and policies?

My commission rate for classes, events, workshops and seminars facilitated by other teachers and practitioners is 30%. You must be presenting a topic or class that I do not already offer. Due to insurance policies, I can not sit more than 9 people for classes. For other events, I can seat 10. 

Can you do group mediumship for me and my family members?

As of right now, I will only allow for two people during a Mediumship session. The two people must be related and know (for the most part) the same spirits in the spirit world. 

Aren’t there waiting periods for Reiki levels?

NO. There are no waiting periods between any of my classes whatsoever. “Waiting periods” for Reiki are not part of the original way it was taught and are completely UNNECESSARY. Some different lineages and teachers choose to do this but it is not a rule. There are plenty of teachers who do not require ‘waiting periods’. 

Are your Reiki classes accredited?

There is literally NO official accrediting body for Reiki training. If anyone tells you this, they are WRONG. My school is, however, accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. 

Do your classes count towards CEU credits?

At this time, no, my classes do not count towards CEU’s for the massage board. They do, however, count towards Lifetime Board Certification with the AADP.

What is your preferred method of contact?

My preferred method of contact is through Email. This is also how you will get the quickest response. If you call my phone and I do not answer, please leave a voice mail.**Please do not call asking about appointments. Do not text my phone number as your text will not be received and you will not receive a response.

Can I meet with you before I schedule an appointment or class to see if you’re a good ‘fit’ for me?

Sorry, but I do not have the time or availability to meet with clients or students prior to scheduling an appointment or registering for classes. My website, testimonials, and videos are very representative of who I am as a practitioner and a teacher. It is my hope that the right clients and students for me are naturally drawn to choose me. Follow your intuition!

Are you available for psychic parties?

Sorry, but I am not available for parties.

What’s your cancellation and rescheduling policy?

There is no refund for cancellations, so please be careful in planning your appointment. You may reschedule an appointment with 48 hours’ notice and are allowed (1) reschedule. If you do not make it to your rescheduled appointment, you will forfeit that paid service and need to pay for a new appointment if you still wish to have one. No-shows will not be refunded or rescheduled and may be refused future service. This policy is to respect my own time as well as that of my clients, including you :). 

**I reserve the right to cancel or reschedule an appointment due to severe weather conditions, an emergency, illness, or other reason. If I feel that I cannot accommodate you for a new appointment, you will receive a refund.

I’m interested in a healing session, but I’m not sure which one to choose.

Don’t worry if you are not sure which type of healing session you need. All healing sessions are scheduled and paid for under the same category on the scheduler. We will determine at the time of your session which method, or combination of methods, will be best suited for your situation. 

Can you clear my house of spirits of negative energies?

Sorry, but I do not do house clearings. If you suspect spirit activity in your house, I recommend contacting the Independent Paranormal Research Circle in NJ, who will come and help you at no charge.

Can you do future readings and tell me when I will get married or how many kids I will have or ‘when’ I will get a new job or ‘when’ so and so will call me?

I am not a fortune teller. Fortune telling is not the same as Intuitive Guidance. So no, I will not be telling you what day, time, year, etc. this or that is going to happen. The future can change and be changed, and my goal is to empower to you to make the best choices in life to create the future you want. Please click here to learn about my Intuitive Guidance sessions.

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