Mediumship Session

Experience healing and a sense of peace through confirmation of the afterlife as I reconnect you with your loved ones who have passed on from this physical realm.

Stairway into heaven and the universe.I am a natural-born psychic medium who is trained in evidential mediumship which means that I will focus on receiving information specific to each spirit to the point that you can confirm his or her identity. Upon confirmation of identity, I will communicate whatever messages they wish to share with you. The number of spirits who wish to communicate with you is not predictable so you may get only one, or several.


What to expect:

• Please do not tell me anything about those you wish to connect with. Do not tell me you want to contact your deceased husband, mom, or sister. PLEASE TELL ME NOTHING!​ As an Evidential Medium, I do not try to "contact" any specific spirit. The session is an open floor to ALL those in the spirit world who know you and want to come through.

• ***IF you do have hopes of connecting with a specific person, while not mandatory, I ask that you bring a photo of the person and/or an object that belonged to them.
• Please keep an open mind as to which spirits will come through as it is not always who you expect, and often a spirit you are not expecting may bring through someone you had wished to hear from.
• This is not a seance or conjuring! This is simply me working with the spirit world to bring you evidence that your loved ones are still alive and conscious in spirit.
• This session revolves around evidence and proof of life. The point is to provide you with information that confirms the identity of the spirit, provides confirmation that the spirit is still conscious in the present day, followed by whatever message the spirit wishes to pass on to you. It is not an hour long "dialogue conversation" between you and the spirit.
• During your session, do not ask me specific details such as "does he like sports?" that may give away information about the person, as it can disrupt my connection.
• Throughout the session, you must answer "yes", "no", or "I don't know" as I give you each bit of information. If you do not do this, the connection will be lost. If you answer "yes", or know that something is very close, you are encouraged to explain further how it is true as it will help to make the connection with the spirit stronger.

It is my hope that you receive healing and peace from a mediumship session, in knowing that your loved ones are still conscious, aware, at peace, and connected to you from the spirit realm.

You can watch these videos to learn more about how mediumship works and what to expect in a mediumship session:


$225.00 (one person)
$310.00 (two people) *MUST be related or close enough to be expecting to hear from the same people

Payment is required in advance prior to your appointment. To schedule your appointment and make your payment, please use the scheduler below.

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