Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Do you notice patterns in your life that you can't seem to break, feel stuck regarding relationships, life purpose, spirituality, etc., or have phobias you would like to release? Past Life Regression can help you to understand why these experiences occur and help you to heal from them & transform your life.

As a Certified Past Life Regression & Hypnosis Pracitioner, I will take you on a journey into your past lives to bring forth healing and transformation in your current lifetime.

While hypnosis is used for this type of session, don't allow the word to scare you for a minute! Hypnosis is very similar to guided meditation/guided imagery and you will never do anything you wouldn't otherwise do under normal circumstances. What it will do is help you to access your past life memories which reside in your subconscious mind and bring them to the surface to heal.

Past Life Regression can help you to:
- Understand yourself better (why you feel the way you feel or do the things you do)
- Uncover and heal the source of fears, phobias, anxiety and depression
- Understand and improve relationships with the people in your current life
- Heal from past life traumas that are affecting you in this life
- Discover the people that are in your 'soul group' (those who reincarnate with you life after life)
- Have a clearer understanding of your life purpose
- Assist with your spiritual evolution

During past life regression, it is also possible to take you into a 'life between lives' state, which is where you were between one life and the next (afterlife, heaven, spirit world, whatever name you give it), which can bring even deeper healing for the soul and a transformation of consciousness.

The session starts with a discussion of the issues you are hoping to resolve and my explaining to you how the regression process works. After the regression is completed, we will then spend time to review your experiences and I will help you to release any negative emotions and integrate the lessons learned from that lifetime.

A shorter follow up session is offered if you feel you need more time with me to integrate the experience or answer any questions or realizations that may have come up for you since your initial session. A Reiki/Energy Healing session can also be very beneficial as a follow up to your initial session.

Initial Session (approx. 2 hours): $260.00
Follow Up Session (approx. 60 minutes): $160.00 

Payment is required in advance prior to your appointment. To schedule your appointment and make your payment, please use the scheduler below:

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