Reiki 1 & 2 Class

Reiki Levels 1 & 2
Both Levels in 1-day
​(Usui Shiki Ryoho)

Accredited by the WMA
(World Metaphysical Association)
Genesis Spiritual Healing & Metaphysical Center
​40 High Street, Suite 15 
Mount Holly, NJ 08060
Teacher: Faye Weber

Cost: $265


Woman receiving Reiki healing.This class will take you through Levels 1 and 2 in a one-day period lasting up to approximately 6 hours. Learn both levels in one day with no unnecessary waiting periods between levels. (So-called "waiting periods" between Levels 1 & 2 are not a requirement for learning Reiki. They have been added in by some Reiki teachers but are NOT a requirement.)

Recent Reiki Class Graduates

The class will include:
History of Reiki, The Principles of Reiki, An overview of the Chakra system, Level I Attunement, The 7 auric layers, Scanning techniques, Hand positions for self-healing, Level II Attunement, Hand positions for healing others, Distant healing, and Spiritual protection.

You will also give your first hands on Reiki healing session. Students will be given Reiki attuned crystals engraved with the Reiki symbols as well as notes to take home. You will receive a certificate at the completion of class.

​All students are welcomed to join the monthly Reiki practice circle after taking this class.

*There is no waiting period to take your Master Class!
(so-called "waiting periods" of months to a year before becoming a Reiki Master are not a requirement in Reiki training, despite what you may have heard from others. "Waiting periods" are something added in by some Reiki teachers but are NOT required.)

​​Payment is required in full in advance, is non-refundable and cannot be used towards any other class on any other date.

If you have already had Reiki Level 1, I highly recommend taking this class to get your Reiki Level 2 certification. You are sure to learn a lot of information you won't find in other Reiki classes.

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