Soul Journey Session



A woman reaching spiritual liberation.This session is a combination of some of my services, including intuitive guidance, an in-depth analysis of your soul's journey, followed by an Energy Healing session designed just for your soul's needs.

This session is based on the understanding of reincarnation and past lives. However, this is not a past life reading or past life regression.

The idea is that Earth is a "school". Our soul is sent to Earth over several lifetimes to experience the Divine's creation and learn specific lessons until we remember who we truly are and Master the art of being a spiritual being living in a physical body - in other words, Ascension.

​We will review the challenges you are facing in this lifetime and in addition to receiving insight and guidance, I will help you to discover the lessons your soul is learning and assist you in beginning to live your life from a soul-perspective, rather than from the perspective of this current lifetime. Living from a soul-perspective can help us to be more accepting and understanding of the challenges faced in our past, present and future. It can also help us to live our lives with a higher awareness of the deeper meanings to our experiences and assist us in Enlightenment and Ascension.

Your session will also include a customized Energy/Sound Healing session that will be determined by what we discover in the rest of your session.

​​This session lasts approximately 3 hours.


​Payment is required in advance prior to your appointment. To schedule your appointment and make your payment, please use the scheduler below.

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