Soul Reading

Soul Reading


Receive insight, guidance and clarity on your life path and reconnect with your soul's essence.

In this reading, I will connect with the energy of your soul and bring through insights and information regarding your soul's journey to help you gain clarity regarding your current lifetime and the challenges you may be facing. 

I will connect with your energy on a soul level and reflect back to you what your soul is revealing to me. The information that comes through can reveal which lessons your soul has chosen to learn in this lifetime. Knowing this information can be life changing as it will help you to understand yourself and your life on a much more deeper level and to start living your life from a more soul-level, spiritual perspective.

I will also do a short Shamanic Journey into your Akashic Records and bring through any information that is necessary for you to know in order to grow, heal and evolve. 

In addition to my own intuitive abilities, Tarot or Oracle cards may be used in this session.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not fortune telling or predictions! This is also not for mundane questions like "will he call me" or "what will happen with ___" or "when will I ___". 

This is a much deeper session than a typical "Psychic Reading".

You will be asked to explain what brought you to receive this reading and what you hope to accomplish through it. You are free to explain openly in detail as the "don't give away too much" idea does not apply to this type of reading. 

This service is an excellent addition to a healing session. I recommend more than one session for this service if you are looking to receive ongoing guidance.

*Phone and Skype sessions are also available.

Rates - IN PERSON appointment:
60 minutes - $225.00
​90 minutes - $320.00
60 minutes plus 60 minutes Energy Healing - $360.00

Rates - PHONE or SKYPE
​60 minutes - $225.00
90 minutes - $320.00

Payment is required in advance prior to your appointment. To schedule your appointment and make your payment, please use the scheduler below:

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