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Welcome to the South Jersey Psychic & Healing School, New Jersey’s premier and fully accredited school for holistic healing, Reiki training, psychic development and metaphysical education.

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South Jersey Psychic & Healing School at Genesis Spiritual Healing & Metaphysical Center offers spiritual & metaphysical classes, events and workshops to the South New Jersey/Philadelphia area, including Reiki Training & Certification, Psychic & Mediumship Development and more. We also have events like crystal singing bowl meditations, Merkaba meditations, Reiki shares and psychic development circles.

The school attracts students as far as Pennsylvania, North Jersey, Central Jersey, The Jersey Shore, and even Delaware for their spiritual development.

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**If you are looking to take a class that I offer, but don't see it on the current schedule, please email and I will do my best to get it scheduled for the upcoming months.

**PLEASE NOTE: All classes are held at our Mount Holly location UNLESS otherwise noted in the class description or details.


When I was a child, one of the things I always wanted to be was a teacher. Back then, I thought I would become an English teacher, but as I began to embrace my psychic & healing gifts, it became apparent that these were the subjects I was destined to teach. It is now my mission as your teacher to help you uncover your own natural healing & psychic abilities and guide you through your life purpose as a professional Lightworker.

Soar to a Higher State of Consciousness

South Jersey Psychic & Healing School is South Jersey’s premier holistic healing school that provides spiritual seekers and holistic healers, like you, the opportunity to:

ॐ  Rise to a higher state of consciousness through metaphysical and new age classes & workshops
ॐ  Be exposed to innovative healing modalities that are not offered through other schools or healing centers
ॐ  Engage in certification programs so that you gain credibility in the holistic healing profession
ॐ  Participate in accelerated certification classes so that you can readily begin practicing or quickly offer new services to your clients
ॐ  Enter a spiritual portal that serves you at a personal and professional level


Quench Your Thirst for Spiritual Wisdom: Attend Spiritual & Metaphysical Events & Workshops

Are you longing to expand your knowledge in the area of metaphysics? Maybe you just need a little extra boost on your spiritual path or are longing to connect with likeminded souls. Elevate your spiritual state of being by attending the robust offerings held at South Jersey Psychic & Healing School.

Events, workshops and classes are offered throughout the year and topics range from group meditations & healing circles to Reiki Training & Psychic Development. Absorb the spiritual energy of the academy and shift into a state of spiritual well-being.

Unleash the Healer Within

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up each day knowing that you have the ability to facilitate a healing flow of energy that creates the spiritual, mental, and the physical well-being of others. This can be your life; one that is of service to others but yet creates a sense of personal fulfillment as you align with your divine purpose.

As an energy healer, what a transformational role you can embrace; helping others live in an optimal state of being.

Choose from: Reiki Training & Certification, Amaya Consciousness Healing™, Crystal Healing, and more.

Cultivate Your Psychic & Mediumship Abilities

What would it feel like to embrace your psychic abilities versus sweeping them under the rug? It takes so much energy trying to suppress your natural gifts and talents. Maybe you’re not so sure if you have these abilities but you’re interested in learning more about what it would entail to develop them.

The truth of the matter is that we are all born with psychic abilities, but there is a forgetting of them as we attempt to fit into socially acceptable norms. Liberate yourself by cultivating your psychic & mediumship abilities. The remembrance of these exceptional gifts will open your Third Eye Chakra, the seat of intuition, awareness, and inner vision. Shine the light on these gifts and transform your life as well as others'.

Choose from: Psychic Development, Mediumship Development, Intuitive Tarot Reading.

Become a Certified Graduate

At my school, you are welcomed to take as many classes as you feel called to. You will receive certificates of completion for all of my classes. I also offer a certification program where you can obtain graduate certification as a:
Certified Master of Spiritual Healing
Certified Master of Energy Healing
Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

All titles have the same requirements, you get to decide which title and wording you would like to have. In order to receive this certification, you must complete at least 5 of my full-length classes within a (1) year period. Upon completion, you can apply to the AADP for life-time Board Certification as a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, increasing your professional status and standing in the holistic community.

Most classes are one-day, accelerated learning classes, rather than stretched out into weeks and months. This means you will receive certification for that class at the end of the day. To be fair, I like to pass my knowledge on as it was passed on to me by some of my mentors.

​Now that you are aware of the School’s offerings, invest in your spiritual transformation. Life is not a dress rehearsal; you only have one life to live!


What Students of South Jersey Psychic & Healing School have to say:

"I have done a few classes here. Faye is very knowledgeable and teaches in a way that is educational and exciting at the same time. She is a beautiful soul. I have learned more with her in I believe 3 classes and 1 past life regression session than I did with all the books I'd read over all the years of my life. Her classes and services are perfectly priced. Not too much that it's impossible to afford, but she's not cheap because you truly get a great experience so its worth every penny. If you wanna walk on a more spiritual path, but need the knowledge, her classes are the way to go. She does past life regression which will open your eyes to an amazing experience and hopefully answer some questions you've always had about your current lifetime. She also offers other services and classes I have not yet taken up on, but it will definitely be a pleasure to see her again".

Terri P.    Hainesport, NJ   

"I attended the Reiki classes with Faye Weber. Her classes were well thought out and excellently prepared. She had abundant material for the students to take home and study later for better retention to reference as needed. Faye is open to Spirit and generous with her information and gifts. I was able to obtain the certification I desired in a gentle and timely manner. My experience was so positive I returned for additional training."

Della S.    Maple Shade, NJ   

"I have had many visits with Faye over the past year...every single one of them were amazing in different ways! The first time I went to meet with Faye I was getting a healing session done. I had been diagnosed with abnormal cells that were a stage below cancer and they had to be biopsied- after one reiki session the follow-up test I had done at my doctors was negative! I also went to a merkaba meditation class with her as well as her crystal healing certificate course. Faye is always welcoming and answers any questions I have had. Not only that, but she has taught me so much on my spiritual path! I have gotten insight on topics like ascended masters, archangels, and all kinds of sacred geometry! Thank you Faye for always taking the time to make sure each one of our visits are special!"

Nicole T.    Atlantic City, NJ   

"Reiki I and II was a wonderful class. I enjoyed the way you shared real experiences with Ashley and me. You connected so well with us. Please let me know when the next Reiki Share is scheduled."

Ron B.    NJ   

Looked for a long time to find a reiki master. Fortunately I found the perfect instructor close to home. Class is very interesting, allowed for questions and practice without feeling overwhelming. She is very organized and thoughtful in her presentation. Highly recommend! !

Karen R.    Westampton, NJ   

Faye is a teacher, a mentor, but most of all a true healer. I first met her when seeking out a Reiki session. When the hour was over I was the most centered and grounded in my entire life. I could literally feel the reiki energy snapping into place as we got deeper into the session. ~

It was so wonderful, I became inspired to learn Reiki. Her classes take one day, are easy to follow, and you take home all the information learned, along with a little gift. I am trying to make my way through the school. I have completed two of the five classes, and am finishing a third. She answers all of your questions with delight (even the more absurd questions) she always answers them truthfully.

Once after I gave a reiki session to a friend, I was conflicted about some of the events, but I was able to contact her about what happened. We spoke for about an hour on the phone and she still continued to pass on great insight.

Thank you for all you have done and taught me.

Katy H.    Philadelphia, PA   

Faye has created a wonderful healing space at her Center. It feels very pleasant and calming. I attended a small evening workshop. It was well run. Faye facilitated the groups cohesiveness. We were all encouraged to share our energy. This was empowering. The event ended with a sacred feeling during the gathering that moved to the back lawn of her center. What a wonderful experience!

I’ve witnessed Faye personal and professional growth over the last few years. Her aura truly shines with pure goodness and love just like her photo. What a gifted healer, teacher, facilitator and psychic. Love her!

Bridget F.    Willingboro, NJ   

"I want to acknowledge you for the great learning experience and for sharing your knowledge with me. In the last month I was looking for a Reiki Master to learn the basics of Reiki and I have to admit it, that I came across a few websites but none of them have a flexible time hours like yours. And I'm very happy that I chose your services for a few great reasons, like not only the price was the best, your website offers Reiki level 1 and Reiki level 2 combined in one session, something that the other websites don't offer and after sending you an email for more information you answered all my questions very fast. I have to admit too that my learning experience was so wonderful and enlightening that I even signed up for the Reiki Master training class and I'm so glad that I did it. Thanks for being a wonderful human being and for being my Reiki Master."

Ivan V.    Willingboro, NJ   

"The Reiki Master Class was WONDERFUL. of course, I still want to review and read everything there is, but I loved it!! I am so glad that I chose you – it was definitely for a reason. I just knew that you did it for the love of the practice and you keep reminding me of that by giving me more information and I thank you!!!"

Anne Marie G.    NJ   

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