Spirit Releasement

Spirit Releasement

Release unwanted spirit attachments and get your life and identity back.

A Spirit Releasement is necessary when we have spirit or entity attachments. This means that an earthbound spirit (previously living human) or other entity (dark force beings, demons, elementals, or E.T.'s) have attached to our aura, chakras, or physical body. Spirit attachment is very real and has been happening to humans since our creation. The subject can be found throughout many cultures and religions going back to ancient times. You have most likely heard of exorcism, or maybe depossession or Shamanic extraction. These are other terms for Spirit Releasement, also known as Entity Removal or Spirit Rescue. Spirit Releasement is a more modern, compassionate method of what was once called "exorcism". There is a difference between "possession" and "spirit attachment". Attachment is more that the spirit or entity is in some part of your energy field (aura, chakra, body part). This is not possession. Actual possession is considered to be rare and more severe, where the spirit has actually taken over the body and the person entirely. This situation may require more help.

Most people are aware of what we call "ghosts" who "haunt" a physical location such as a house or building. Human spirits who have passed on from this world can also attach to a person, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Most of these are usually innocent and were looking for comfort at their time of death, and did not yet make it to the light. Other entities such as demons or dark beings (yes, unfortunately they really do exist!) can also attach to us but is most all times done intentionally as it is their nature to make us miserable, unhappy, drained, or hopeless. In the experience of most Spirit Releasement Therapists, it is frequently very possible to help and convince a dark being to choose the light over the darkness. Our goal in your Spirit Releasement will be to make sure the Angels and Beings of Light take all spirits to the place that is for the divine highest good and safety for all involved.

Symptoms of Spirit Attachment include:
- A sudden onset of hearing voices
- Feeling like someone is watching you
- Feeling extremely drained or fatigued
- Extreme and unusual level of anxiety and/or paranoia
- Feeling like you are "not yourself"
- Thoughts that don't make sense or that you know are not your own
- Depression, anger, sadness that you don't normally feel
- Sudden physical ailments or illness, nausea
- Sudden weight gain or weight loss
- Change in eating habits
- Relationship problems
- Difficulty concentrating or focusing, especially on spiritual matters and during meditation
- Sudden cravings for certain things unusual for the individual (certain foods, alcohol, drugs, etc.)
- Suicidal or homocidal thoughts, thoughts of hurting yourself or others

As a former victim of spirit attachment, I can relate to what you are going through first hand and I am here to let you know that you are not alone or crazy.

If you believe you may have a spirit attachment, please send an email describing your situation, what you are experiencing, and possible symptoms, to faye@genesisspiritualhealing.com, so that I can assess whether it is the right service for you. If I feel you are beyond spirit attachment and are suffering from possession, I will refer you to someone who specializes in exorcism.

​*Session takes from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the situation. 

**Please note that results vary and it some times takes more than one session to remove attachments.

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