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A New 7 Directions Invocation Prayer for Shamanic, Spiritual & Pagan Practice

After using a certain “Directions Prayer” for a few years, I realized that it made no sense to me to be living in North America and using Directions/Elements that are used in South America. I also realized I wanted something more universal, rather than one that tried to mimmick other cultures. So, after reading many versions of calling in the directions, I decided to write my own.  I wanted it to be accurate as to where I am in the world, and I wanted it to match the elements that I learned in my Pagan and local Native American studies. I also wanted it to be more personal to me, because I believe that can make a difference in our self-empowerment and authenticity in our spiritual practice. 

I do realize that I am using the word, “AHO”, and that this does have its roots in the Kiowa language. It translates into, “thank you”, “I agree”, or “I acknowledge”. I think over the years, it just kind of grew on me, and it didn’t feel complete without it.

Feel free to use this invocation prayer for your Shamanic or Spiritual/Pagan practices 🙂 (The names of the directions are NOT said aloud.)

Prayer to the 7 Directions
By: Faye Weber

Great Spirit of the East,
Element of Air.
We give thanks for your blessings and we welcome new beginnings now.

Great Spirit of the South,
Element of Fire.
We give thanks for your warmth and we welcome the growth of our soul & spirit now.

Great Spirit of the West,
Element of Water.
We give thanks for your healing and we welcome peace and love now.

Great Spirit of the North,
Element of Earth.
We give thanks for your strength and we welcome our courage now.

Great Spirit of the Heavens,
Father Sky, Mother Moon.
We give thanks to the Star People and our Ancestors,
And we welcome their blessings now.

Great Spirit of Mother Earth, Gaia.
We give thanks for your nourishment and we welcome your abundance now.

Great Spirit of Within,
Divine Spark of Creation.
We give thanks for our lives and we welcome our illumination now.



**When you are finished your spiritual practice, remember to thank and dismiss the directions and elements. You can say something like, “To the East, to the South, to the West, to the North – thank you for your presence today. Go if you will, stay if you must, AHO!”

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