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Faye Weber

I am a natural-born psychic medium and channel for healing and have been studying metaphysics since 1997. Since my early childhood, I would have numerous encounters with the spirit world and would unintentionally read the energy, past and personality of other people around me. I have also had many prophetic experiences related to people's health and world events. In addition to my psychic abilities, I have always had a natural knowing of metaphysics and spirituality and have always felt unconditional love and compassion for all people.

While I always had a deeper understanding of life and the universe, I had a hard time developing my concept of God because I did not agree with the stereotypical 'god in the sky' concept. I knew there was something much more esoteric than this.

​Despite my deeper understanding and for some reason feeling the need for a label, from 14 - 16 years old I considered myself an atheist. Then in 1997 came the first spiritual awakening in my life: the release of the album "Transistor" by 311. They had been my favorite band for 3 years by then, but the lyrics to this album forever changed my life, especially the ones written by S.A. Martinez. The messages reflected in this album range from New Age & spiritual concepts to prophecy and the "end times", with references to concepts like 'cosmic consciousness' and the human 'lightbody', and the oneness of creation. Similar lyrics from their following album, "Soundsystem", as well as the album "Lateralus" by Tool, also played a vital role in my being led to New Age spirituality. Along with this came reading The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, and being exposed to Wisdom Magazine, a local magazine for the New Age & Holistic Healing community. As I researched into the esoteric and metaphysical concepts found within these resources, I realized how drawn I was to New Age spirituality and this is where I began my spiritual journey that led me to where I am today.

My journey was definitely not met without challenges along the way, the main one being a negative spirit attachment that affected many areas of my life for 11 years. While I knew something wasn't quite right in my life, I was completely unaware that spirit attachments exist so was left lost for a very long time trying to figure it out. After working with a holistic therapist who helped me discover the concept of spirit attachments, I went to a Spirit Releasement Therapist who helped me discover what type of spirit it was and how and why it happened. Being so spiritually open and extremely psychic, without understanding the importance of protection, walking right into the spiritual realm left me as vulnerable bait for a negative spirit attachment.

The Spirit Releasement Therapist who helped me release the spirit was one of the catalysts for finding my life purpose. She felt that I was called to be working with the Archangels, specifically Archangel Michael. I immediately went out and bought Archangels 101 by Doreen Virtue and developed a relationship with him right away. Soon after, I asked Archangel Michael to help guide me to my life purpose. Days later, I found myself googling holistic schools to develop my psychic and healing abilities! I then spent the next two years working on my training and certifications.

By 2006, I had long renounced the idea of being an atheist and felt an inner revelation that God is the divine, universal source of all creation. Not an old man in the sky, but the divine energy that creates and flows through, and resides in all. In that same year, I discovered Religious Science, a denomination of New Thought, which helped to solidify this inner truth and push me along on my spiritual path. While I still prefer to call myself "New Age and proud", New Thought plays a heavy influence in my beliefs as well as my teachings.

When I was growing up, I had always known I wanted to help others as well as be a teacher. Back then, though, I thought I might end up being a psychologist or an English teacher. After going through my own spiritual evolution, I later realized I still had the same dreams, just not in the professions I had earlier imagined. Instead, I felt the calling to fulfill these dreams in alignment with my life purpose: as a spiritual guide, healer and teacher.

While pursuing my education to develop my gifts and expand my knowledge, I had already established my vision to create a center for spiritual guidance, expanding consciousness, healing, and teaching others. My office was literally already open as I finished my last few classes, that's how ready I was to do this!

At the time, I was still working a full-time office job, completely miserable and upset that I wasn't able to offer more time to my business. I had spent the last 16 years' going from office to office, trying to find happiness in a place I didn't belong. Finally, one day I realized I could no longer live this way and decided to take a leap of faith by leaving my office job and pursuing my business full time.

Now I am more available to my clients and students and able to focus my attention on what I love doing the most: helping others to awaken to their own spiritual truths and divine perfection through healing, guiding, and teaching.

Education & Certifications

ॐ   Shamanic Practitioner trained in the Pachakuti Mesa tradition, Core Shamanism with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, the teachings of Betsy Bergstrom, and some additional training with Itzhak Beery

ॐ   Professional training in Psychic & Mediumship Studies with established mediums of Arthur Findlay College

ॐ   Reiki Master Teacher since 2014, with certification in Usui Shiki Rhoyo and Usui/Holy Fire III® Reiki Ryoho

ॐ   Bachelors Degree in Metaphysical Science through the University of Sedona

     ॐ  Ordained Metaphysical Minister through the International Metaphysical Ministry

ॐ   Certified Akashic Records Practitioner

ॐ   Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, with studies in Mediumship, Spiritual Healing, Crystal Healing, and more.

ॐ   Founder of Amaya Consciousness Healing which helps us return to our natural state of stillness, peace, love and oneness

ॐ   Currently working on attaining Doctoral degree in Metaphysical Science, specializing in Metaphysical Parapsychology, through the University of Metaphysics at University of Sedona. 

Professional Affiliations:

Professional Member of The Reiki Membership Association/International Center for Reiki Training

Member of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Member of Body Mind Spirit Directory

American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP): Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Accredited School

World Metaphysical Association (WMA)

Approved member of Best Psychic Directory

Approved member of FamousPsychicMediums.com

Approved member of Certified Psychic Directory

Published Writer for OMTimes Magazine

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