• CORONAVIRUS UPDATE March 25, 2020: With NJ's new rules, I currently cannot meet in person for service sessions. I am, however, offering distant/phone Mini-Sessions, at an affordable price, while we are in quarantine.


    ALL classes are STILL ON as of now. In the chance of us not being permitted to leave our homes, appointments and classes will be rescheduled and you will be notified. 

Akashic Records Consent Form

Akashic Records Consent Form


The “Akashic Records” contain the history of every thought, action, word and experience of everyone and everything that has occurred, occurs and will occur, throughout the entire universe from the moment of Creation. They are the recording of a Soul’s journey from its inception to the present, and point to the possibilities of spiritual development. The Akashic Field is referenced in most religions of the world. I use a Sacred Prayer to access your records, The Pathway Prayer Process © (as taught by Linda Howe). Information from your Records is offered with the greatest honor, integrity and love and is meant to assist you in growing personally and spiritually for your highest good and healing. All counsel given and received in this session will be kept confidential.

This is not a psychic reading and there is no need to withhold information that is relevant to the progression of your session. Being vague will make it difficult to get the answers necessary and will hinder the clarity that can be received from the records. There is absolutely no fortune telling, no timelines, predictions, and no "let me just see what gets", as the records will not work this way (and I will kindly end your session).

This consultation is intended to provide general and inner developmental information only and is not intended as legal or financial advice, psychological or psychiatric counsel, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult your physician or health care professional regarding particular health matters. The practitioner disclaims any liability arising directly or indirectly from any information given or received in this consultation.

Thank you for the honor of serving you in this manner.

Please sign below to indicate that you acknowledge this letter as written and give consent to have me access your Akashic Records. Complete the rest of the information, as well, for my bookkeeping purposes.

*Your current, full, legal name is required to access your Akashic Records.

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