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Akashic Records Practitioner Training

Akashic Records Practitioner Training
One-Day Intensive


Cost: $450



Akashic Records

This is the first part of this class in becoming an Akashic Records Practitioner. The Akashic Records hold the blueprint and history of the universe from its first moment of creation to the present, including every action, event and experience, as well as the history of each individual’s soul. They can be accessed to help bring deep understanding of one’s circumstances, experiences and challenges and have the ability to bring great healing to the person of whose records are being accessed. The information received from the Records often relate to past lives, karmic contracts and agreements, and subconscious beliefs of the individual in their current lifetime, all of which can greatly impact our day to day lives. The well-known seer and spiritual teacher, Edgar Cayce, made the Akashic Records popular in the metaphysical community through his published readings.

In the first half of this class, you will:

  • Study the background of the Akashic Records in depth
  • Learn how the Akashic Records work
  • Learn how to work with the Record Keepers, Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones in accessing the Records
  • Learn several ways to access the Records
  • Do several Akashic Records readings for yourself (this will involve some deep healing work)


In the second part of this class, you will learn to conduct Akashic Records Readings for others. After several practice readings for yourself from the level 1 portion, we will expand upon how to access the records for another person, animal, building, or piece of land. You will learn to build trust and confidence in your readings and do several practice sessions with other students in the class.

You will also learn the ins and outs of setting up as a business or adding it to your current practice, if that is your intention. 

Please bring a notebook and pen. Certification will be given upon completion of class.
​​Payment is required in full in advance, is non-refundable and cannot be used towards any other class on any other date.

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