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Angel Messages for week of 7/31/16


Angel Messages for this week:

VICTORY: Something you’ve been hoping or praying for may come to fruition this week, or at least finally get its feet off the ground. Keep the faith!

BETHANY: It may seem like a stressful or hectic week, but don’t forget to take time out for yourself. It is a good week for something to relieve stress, such as massage, salt bath, pedicure (or Reiki session!). Treat yourself! When you take care of yourself, everyone benefits.

YOGA: I think this one’s for me! Have you been interested in taking a Yoga class or watching a video and bringing this practice into your life? This week is a good time. Yoga can help with clarity, psychic awareness, toning, energy and flexibility.

In summary: While it looks like something you’ve been wanting or waiting for may begin to manifest this week, don’t let the other stresses wear you down – take care of yourself and find ways to stay in the flow of positivity.

Have a great week!

Love & Light,

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