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Have You Ever Wondered if You are a Healer?

Frequently, I encounter clients, students, and those who are just spiritually curious, who wonder, “Am I a healer?” It is often incorrectly believed that it takes a special gift or skill in order to be a healing practitioner.

Here is why it is incorrect. Let’s use Reiki as an example. What is the meaning of the word, “Reiki”? When translated from Japanese to English, it simply means, “spiritually guided life force energy”.

Notice “life force energy” – life force energy runs through every single thing in existence, in this instance let’s refer to living beings. All living beings or forms are, and contain, life force energy. It is the force that brings divine intelligence into physical form, the “stuff” we are made of.

If life force energy runs through all living beings, then you already are a healer. Everyone has the ability to provide healing to other beings, simply through learning to channel that energy and use it to bring healing to others.

Here’s another thing – guess what? When it comes down to it, a practitioner is not really “healing” anyone. Since the recipient already contains life force energy, you are merely activating their own self-healing, re-amplifying their own life force energy which rises up through the surface and brings about healing. So really, a practitioner is helping another living being to heal themselves.

Learning healing methods, such as Reiki, helps to awaken and animate that life force energy within you and teaches you how to channel it so that you can awaken and animate the life force energy in those seeking personal healing.

So, please never feel like you “don’t have it”, or that you’re not “gifted”. We are all gifted with the vital life force, otherwise we would not be here right now 🙂

There are infinite ways Reiki can help both you and those you care for. Here are just some of them:

• Clear negative energy
• Release emotional baggage
• Relieve stress & anxiety
• Revitalize your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual well-being
• Relieve physical pain & disease, including cancer
• Assist with fertility issues
• Deepen your spirituality
• Strengthen your immune system
• Gain mental clarity
• Increase energy levels
• Clear & balance the chakras

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