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Are you aware of the healing power of mother nature?


​Are you aware of the healing power of nature? Of course, energy healing sessions, yoga, and meditation can all bring healing, balance and stress-relief to our lives. But did you know that just by spending time in nature, you can help clear and strengthen your energy field and relieve pain and stress? You can also receive spiritual guidance from the plants, animals, sky, and more. You are most likely aware of audio recordings of Nature Sounds for meditation and relaxation. This is why they work!

The healing power of Mother Nature was held sacred by ancient civilizations, but has unfortunately been lost over time and is not currently part of our mainstream society.

What could be more healing than God’s own physical manifestation as a planet? And it’s FREE!

Here are just a few ways that nature can help you:

Take a trip to the beach
Have you ever noticed how grounded and refreshed you feel during and after a trip to the beach? Often, most of us are ready to go to sleep! These are the reasons why:

  • The sea water, which contains salt, cleanses the aura and can help detoxify the energy field as well as the physical body.
  • Walking barefoot in the sand, or burying your feet in the sand, can bring an immense amount of grounding energy.
  • Being in the sun can strengthen the aura and also brings confidence and a feeling of overall well-being and relaxation.

So going to the beach, you get a three-in-one healing session. Cleansing, grounding and strengthening the energy field! Also, seashells have a similar healing power as crystals. So take all of those seashells you bring home with you and place them on your body and around your house. They can bring peace, calm, healing and deeper states of consciousness. (Remember to always ask permission when taking a piece of nature – the answer is usually yes, but not asking has been known to have some interesting consequences!)

Being in the Sun itself
Can’t make it to the beach? Just get out in the sun (of course use sunscreen or something to protect you from severe burn). Just by being in the sun, you can still strengthen your aura and manifest a feeling of well-being, relaxation, and confidence.

Sit or Lie on the Ground
Sitting or lying on the ground, where there is grass, dirt, or in a meadow or woods, not only brings grounding, but can also bring healing to the physical body. The healing energy of the Earth being in direct contact with the body can relieve pain and tension.

Hug a Tree and Let it Be Your Counselor
This one probably makes you want to laugh, but it really helps! Being in physical contact with a tree can be extremely grounding. Trees are also good listeners. Try giving it hug or just place your hands on its trunk for grounding. Try telling the tree your current problems – get it all off your chest. You will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders and may actually find answers and guidance begin to come to you!

Talk to the Animals and Plants
Just like talking to a tree, you can also try talking to the animals and plants about your problems. Tell them everything, they are great listeners and often you will receive excellent guidance and advice. You can also keep note of any animals that approach you and look them up later on Google to see what message they have brought to you.

LISTEN to the Sounds
Listening to nature itself can take you into a relaxed, peaceful, meditative state. Listen to the insects, the wind, the water, the trees blowing, and especially the birds. The sound of birds and the tones and notes they make are pure sound therapy. They can also bring up emotion as well as make you laugh (I have one nearby that seems to think I’m pretty hot, I get that stereotypical whistle “woooowoooo”!) Others make absolutely beautiful music – with flowing notes that sound like a real song.

Watch the Sky
Watching the clouds in the sky can help to bring messages and signs to guide you in the right direction. You may see shapes that confirm a decision for you, or sometimes people will see angel shapes when they are feeling down. You can also watch patterns the birds make for anything that might make sense to the guidance you are seeking.

And it goes without saying…..Crystals and Stones!
A lot of us in the spiritual community always remember the healing power of crystals & stones – but seem to forget about all of the above! So in addition to all of this, we also have these physical pieces of nature that we can take home with us and place on our bodies, in our house, and in our pockets, to bring us healing, balance, grounding, and manifestation. (Speaking of which, the Certified Crystal Healer course this Saturday still has some openings for those want to dive deeper into healing with nature!)

So, go ahead and set some time aside to spend in nature’s presence. Practice some of these exercises and see for yourself. The Healing Power of Nature is FREE and available to all!!


Love & Light,

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