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Choosing, Clearing and Charging Your Crystals

Choosing Crystals

If you are trying to choose a crystal for a specific reason, then focus on that reason and allow your intuition to choose the right crystals.

  • The ‘must have’ crystal – this is when a crystal directly picks you. You simply must have it for whatever reason! When you get it home, sit with it, meditate with it and find out why it picked you. If you don’t get an answer straight away, don’t worry; try asking again at a later date. It may not even be for you, especially true if you are a healer as it may be for a client that is about to come your way!

  • Visually – this is probably how most of us choose to start with. It’s when a crystal takes your eye; it looks right and maybe has that special appeal that makes you so attracted to it that you must buy it.

  • Sensing – this is when you just ‘know’ that a crystal is the right one for you by sensing its energy

  • Hearing – you may hear the name of the crystal you need or you might be lucky enough to hear a sound that the crystal makes and again know that this is the right one to take home

  • Taste and smell – it is less likely that you will pick a crystal by sense of taste or smell, but if these senses are strong within you as an individual it may be that you get a taste in your mouth or a certain smell when you are near that crystal

  • Touch – this will be when the crystal feels right to touch. It feels comfortable and you may feel tingling, heat or some other sensation when holding it

  • Dowse for it – if you know how to use a dowsing pendulum, then you could dowse for the correct crystal by seeing which one the pendulum is more drawn to swinging


Choosing crystals is mainly about using your intuition and using your six senses as an extension of that intuition. Remember that crystals will choose you as much as you choose them!


Cleansing Crystals:

It is recommended to periodically cleanse your crystals, as they pick up energy from your own handling, touching and being around others, and sometimes from sitting too long. Crystals should normally be cleansed when they are first bought or received. It is especially important to cleanse them after healing session. There are several ways to cleanse crystals:

  • Smudging with Sage: light a sage stick and run your crystals through the smoke or put all crystals on a surface and fan the smoke into the

  • Running under cool water (check to see if certain crystals can’t go in water!): Run crystals under the water either individually or as many as you can fit into your hand. Imagine that the water is a cleansing white light that purifies your

  • Leave in the sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours (check to see if certain crystals fade in the sunlight)

*Amethyst, celestite, opal, and turquoise may fade in sunlight

  • Place in DRY sea salt

  • Place in sea salt water

*Do not place the following crystals in salt water, it changes their physical properties:



*Labradorite (Spectrolite)






*Use caution with softer Mica and crystalline stones

  • Earth or sand burial: leave for 3 days to a week

  • Clear with selenite: place Selenite on or around your crystals, or place crystals on the

  • Clear with Reiki: if you are attuned to Reiki, clear with ChoKuRei (draw the symbol over the crystal and “wipe away” with your hand

  • Clear with sound (with a bell, tingshas, )

  • Intention


Programming/Charging Crystals


Make your intention clear and precise what is you want the crystal to accomplish then concentrate, focus and project this thought into the crystal holding it in your hands. Your intention must be in harmony with the crystal for it to work properly.


Charging with Reiki

This is an easy, non-intrusive method that enhances the strength and natural ability of the crystal. You should be attuned to Reiki to use this method. If you are a level 1 or 2 practitioner, just hold the crystal(s) in your hands and send Reiki energy into the crystals.  If you are a Reiki Master, then first, attune the crystal to Reiki by drawing the symbols over it, repeating the name of each symbol three times, tapping the crystal after each symbol, and blowing on the crystals. Take your crystal between your palms and start the flow of Reiki. Intend the energy to amplify, cleanse and heal any areas and energies of the crystal. Intend that the crystal now will have the healing energies of Reiki to assist it in healing, or whatever purpose the crystal naturally has.

There are dozens of other ways to clear and charge your crystals, feel free to get creative and find what works for you!

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