Compassionate Depossession

Compassionate Depossession
(Spirit Releasement)

Release earthbound or negative spirit attachments from your energy field and reunite with your True Self.

The occurrence of spirit attachments has existed since the early days of human history and has been mentioned in ancient cultures and religions all around the world. 

In this Shamanic method of Compassionate Depossession, we understand each spirit to be a suffering being, whether it be a human earthbound spirit, negative entity, or other type of discarnate being. Regardless of the perceived nature of the spirit, each spirit is treated with love, compassion and respect with the goal of having the Shamanic Practitioner's helping spirits take the possessing spirit to where it belongs. 

The practitioner facilitates a process to determine if a suffering being is present in the client's energy field, establishes communication with the spirit to discover its purpose or reason for attaching, and works with his or her helping spirits and spirit allies to release the spirit from the client. The practitioner also works with the client in establishing boundaries, sovereignty, and reunion with their True Self to instill a firm sense of protection and power to the client. 

Often, Compassionate Depossession is followed by Soul Retrieval. Soul Retrieval is a Shamanic Healing technique that restores lost or fragmented soul parts to the client. Soul Fragmentation can occur due to any type of trauma, abuse, or soul theft experienced by the client, and causes a hole or tear in the client's aura, which allows suffering beings to enter the client's energy field and attach to it. Soul Retrieval restores those Soul Fragments to the client so that there are no longer any openings in the aura for a suffering being to enter. 

Sometimes there can be multiple suffering beings attached to a person's energy field which may require more than one session.

Common Symptoms of Spirit Attachment:

  • Hearing voices or having intrusive/obsessing thoughts that are not your own
  • Feeling like you are not yourself
  • Feeling like someone is or has been watching you
  • Acquiring habits or addictions you did not previously have (smoking, drugs, alcohol, gambling, food cravings)
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Inability to focus or concentrate on tasks, especially those of a spiritual nature such as meditation
  • Difficulty in relationships
  • Suicidal thoughts or thoughts of hurting others
  • Feeling like something is moving around in your body or other strange sensations
  • Feelings of being touched and/or random sexual arousal

Your session will include whatever other types of Shamanic Healing need to be done for you at this time.

If you suspect you have a spirit attachment, please click the button below to fill out and submit an Intake Form/Questionnaire and I will contact you to discuss it further and determine if this is the right service for you. 

(Sessions are approximately 2-3 hours)


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