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Spirit Guides? Guardian Angels? Archangels? What’s the difference?

AngelOften I am asked, “What is the difference between Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and Archangels?”

Here are the differences:

  • Spirit Guides: A Spirit Guide is a spirit or being who, usually, has lived a certain number of lifetimes on earth and has moved on to a higher rank in the spirit world as a Spirit Guide, to serve a living human in their life path and spiritual journey. We have several spirit guides – but all have at least one, our Master Guide, who is with us from birth until death. There are others who stay with us as well, and others who come into our lives at certain times when we need them, and then move on to help someone else when they are no longer needed. Many people find their Spirit Guide to be something like an old Native American sage, Indian sage, Christian saint, Pagan priestess, or even Ascended Master or Archangel. Some also find their Spirit Guide to be a well-known spiritual teacher, such as Jesus, Buddha, etc. or a God or Goddess of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, or Pagan cultures. This is not always the case – often one will discover the spirit guide to not really be anyone familiar to them, and this is just fine. Spirit Guides are normally not your deceased grandmother, grandfather, uncle, etc. They can be deceased loved ones from previous lifetimes or ancestors from this lifetime, who were deceased before you were born. This is actually rarer than the other cases.
  • Guardian Angels: Most people have two Guardian Angels – normally one male and one female. They have never lived in a human body. As with Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels are not your recently deceased family members, as much as some of us want to believe. Our Guardian Angels are also with us from birth to death, and their main purpose is to protect us from harm and injustice – and especially to protect us from death before our time. They can also be helpful in guiding us in our daily lives as well.
  • Angels & Archangels: Angels are messengers and servants of God. With the exception of Archangel Sandalphon and Archangel Metatron, angels are beings who have never lived in human form. They are pure spirit beings of light who have been sent by God to assist humanity and other living beings on Earth, and most likely throughout the entire universe. While a lot of people like to consider their deceased loved ones to be ‘angels’, in reality only these beings are actual, real angels.

While our deceased loved ones are normally never fall under any of these categories, I do believe, as well as many others, that some of them occasionally move on into higher ranks in the spirit world to become ‘helpers’, helper type beings who assist the angels and other higher ranking beings, eventually possibly becoming a spirit guide when they have finished incarnating in human bodies.

As mentioned earlier, Angels can be thought of as messengers or extensions of God. Each Angel and Archangel can be thought of as an individualized energy or aspect of God, each playing a specific role in helping to sustain life and the universe.

The Angel Hierarchy:

In the study of Angels, there are considered to be (9) choirs of Angels.

  1. Seraphim: The highest order of angels. They are closest to God. They are pure light. Call on the Seraphim to be more aware of the spiritual worlds and patterns of the universe.
  2. Cherubim: The second highest order of angels. They are usually presented as chubby children with wings like a cupid. They are pure love. Call on the Cherubim to feel a deeper sense of communication with the Divine.
  3. Thrones: They are the bridge between the material and spiritual worlds. They also represent God’s justice and fairness. The triad of Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones resides in the highest realms of heaven. You can call on the Thrones if you are in fear of natural disaster.
  4. Dominions: These are the highest in the next triad level of angels. They oversee and manage all of the angels, according to God’s will.
  5. Virtues: The Virtues govern the order of the physical universe, watching over the sun, moon, stars, and all of the planets, including the Earth. You can call on the Virtues if you want your prayers to be heard or if you want send light to someone or a situation.
  6. Powers: The Powers purify the universe from lower energies. You can call on the Powers for protection from and removal of lower energies.
  7. Principalities: The third triad of angels are closest to Earth. The Principalities watch over the planet, including nations and cities, to ensure God’s will of peace on Earth. 
  8. Archangels: Archangels oversee humankind and the guardian angels. Each archangel represents an aspect or quality of God. Archangels will come to help when called upon regardless of religious affiliation.
  9. Guardian Angels: Everyone has guardian angels assigned to them throughout life (including animals and plants!) Guardian Angels help to protect you from situations that could result in your passing before “your time”. They can also assist you with Divine Guidance and provide emotional support in times of need.


Beings of the Light are not allowed to infringe upon our free will, so unless we are fatally threatened before our time, they may not help us without our request. Once you begin asking for their assistance and build faith in them, they will help you endlessly and most times, immediately.

Also, we do not need to “pray” to or “worship” Angels – we simply call on them for help.

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