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Do you have a “problem chakra”?

In my years of being an energy healer and Reiki Master, I have noticed that we all seem to have what I call “problem chakras”.

For most people, we all seem to have at least one chakra that we struggle keeping cleared and balanced.

Throughout these years, I have come to the conclusion that our ‘problem chakra’ is actually representative of a lesson we are supposed to be learning in this lifetime. It is possible a “problem chakra” can change, but in my experience, it always seems to be the same one or two for most people. Throughout our different lifetimes, we are all learning to master each quality of each chakra.

I have discovered that for myself (yes, practitioners are still human and may have chakra issues of their own! It is ONGOING work to keep them cleared and healed), it is my root chakra. I still work on my own issues regarding money and *especially*, embracing being in a physical body. I am such a deep thinker, always thinking from a deeper and spiritual perspective, functioning almost in a different paradigm, and have a feeling my soul has been like this for a long time, and now I am learning to how to truly embrace being a spiritual being in a physical body.

Looking at the chart below, can you figure out which chakra you struggle with the most? You can look at their functions and see which aspect of life you struggle with the most. Then think about the area that chakra is in. Sometimes we even have physical issues near that chakra.

For me, I get sciatica on and off. I do know it is partially from when I sit in a chair too long, but I have noticed throughout life that it gets WORSE when I’m worried about money! It makes so much sense!

What do you think may be your problem chakra and what lesson do you think you are to be learning from it?

Here are some things you can do on your own to help keep it in check:

– Surround yourself, wear, or even just LOOK AT the color of that chakra. The color itself can help empower it. You can try envisioning that color as well, but I find looking at the color to be more effective.
– Affirmations. Come up with an affirmation to tell yourself daily. For example, for the throat chakra you could say something like “I have the power to speak my mind and communicate effectively”.
– Listen to or watch a guided meditation that focuses on that specific chakra
– Carry (or wear) crystals that correspond with that chakra.
– Put oils that correspond with the chakra in the area of the chakra, or diffuse.
– Eat food that is known to help heal, strengthen or empower that chakra.
Remember that spiritual work is ongoing and NEVER truly ends for anyone!


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