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Nusta Karpay: Shamanic Rites to Awaken the Divine Feminine

January 4, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 6:00 pm


*Please leave extra time in case the class finishes later, before scheduling any personal activities.

***This class does not make you a Shamanic Practitioner. It is for personal growth. To become a Shamanic Practitioner to perform healing for others, please see Shamanic Apprenticeship.***

The Nusta Karpay Initiations have been gifted to us from the Andean Q’ero Medicine Men and Women of Peru, via Don Mariano Quispe in the year 2010. They recognized and responded to the cry of the Great Mother (Pachamama), to heal her Wounds and Energetic Imbalances. These Energetic Wounds and Imbalances of the Mother are reflected in our Wounds and Disharmony as well as those of Humanity. The Q’ero Medicine Men and Women understood that the purest way to bring back Harmony and Balance to our Mother Earth was to bring Humanity back into the right Relationship with Pachamama and the Sacred Feminine.

The Nusta Karpay are open to both men and women, and are available to everyone regardless of their spiritual orientation. They are for those who wish to heal the Divine Feminine within themselves and carry that healing into the world, and for those who wish to bring greater peace and unity to our planet.

In the Andean spiritual tradition, the Nustas are the Goddesses and Sacred Archetypal Feminine energies of Nature. They are the original princesses of Andean cosmology, who draw their power from the great mountains and sacred lakes of Peru. They are also connected to other waters and mountains on our planet. In the Quechua language of the Andes, the word “Nusta” means Goddess or Priestess, and “Karpay” means a rite or ceremony of initiation.

The Nusta rites are given as energetic seeds of the Feminine Goddess Archetypes, and transmitted into your seven chakras and luminous energy field. The chakras are like the organs of our luminous energy field, and hold all our histories, as well as, our light and our shadow pieces. As you receive and integrate the initiation of the Nusta rites, you begin to stir the contents of your chakras, bringing to the surface any parts of yourself that have not yet been healed or honored. You will feel the impact of the Nusta immediately, but like the cycles of the moon and the cycles in nature, Her alchemy works in cycles through you. The Nustas have gentle yet powerful energy; to deeply heal and restore the balance of feminine and masculine energies within us.

Through connecting to the Nustas, you awaken a deep rapport with the divine feminine, not only within yourself, but with the feminine in all of creation. Here, you also recognize and begin to heal your true relationship and connection to Mother Earth and all living beings. Through the powerful initiations of the rites you will experience a real “quickening” in your spiritual growth and personal healing.

The 7 Nustas are also connected with the 7 sisters of the Pleiades, which have been revered by indigenous cultures around the world for thousands of years. It is believed by many that we originated or have strong familial ties to this star system.

In addition to receiving the Nusta Karpay, you will also receive energetic transmissions to reconnect you with each of the 7 stars in the Pleiadian constellation.

The Seven Nusta Karpay Rites

Rite #1: MAMA OCLLO~ Connection to Lake Titicaca~Element of Earth~Connected to Asterope of the Pleiades
She was the first Nusta to come to Earth. She is daughter of the Sun (Inti Taita) and the Moon (Mama Quilla). She came to earth in a ball of fire and landed in Lake Titicaca. Her mission was to harmonize the the energies of the earth and bring balance to the feminine and masculine. This rite prepares you to receive the other rites, as it opens your chakras and connects each one with a luminous spiral of light.

Rite #2: DONA MUJIA~ Connection with the Element of Water~Connected to Taygeta of the Pleiades

She is the goddess of the water spirits. This rite is given in your second chakra, and connects you to the mermaids and all the water beings that live in the waters of Mother Earth. This rite dissolves the negative aspects of the ego, opening you to the concept of selfless union with others. It assists you in releasing your connections to your “roles” while inviting you to transform the roles into positive interactions.

Rite #3: MAMA SIMONA~ Connection to the Oldest Feminine Mountain in Peru~Connected to Maia of the Pleiades

She connects us to the feminine ancestors. In this rite you will receive a feminine lineage stone connecting you to the ancient lineage of the Sacred Feminine and honoring the Great Mother. This stone will take you home.

Rite #4: DONA TERESA~ associated with the heart shaped lake near Ausungate in Peru~Connected to Celaeno of the Pleiades

She is the goddess of a sacred mountain that has a heart shaped lake near the Apu (mountain) Ausangate in Peru. This rite represents the Temple of Love, and opens your heart to all that is. It clears the heavy energy around your heart so that you may experience your emotions purely, without judgment, and so that you may see life more clearly through the eyes of your heart.

Rite #5: MARIA SAKAPANA~ Goddess of the Wind~Connected to Electra of the Pleiades

She is the goddess of Wayri, the winds, the wind spiral. She honors the winds and it’s cleansing power and uses the tool of sound. Feathers are used in this rite to allow a vocal release to cleanse the throat and make it possible to speak your truth.

Rite #6: HUANA HUAMAN TIKKLA~ Connection to the Falcon Temple/the Temple of Clear Vision~Connected to Merope of the Pleiades

She is the goddess of vision and seeing, and all the birds who see from afar. With this rite you are con- nected to the spirits of the Falcon, Hawk, Eagle, Owl and Condor. “Huaman” means protector spirit of the upper world. She opens your vision to the seen and unseen energies of the universe. This rite uses forehead to forehead transmission and is passed with a tool of flight – bird stones.


Rite #7: TOMASA HUAMAN TIKKLA~ Sister of Huana Waman Tiklla (they live together)~Connected to Alcyon of the Pleiades
She is the goddess of the Temple of Freedom. She allows you to free yourself in order to dream the dream of your life without all outside influences and with a direct connection to spirit. This is a rite of transformation that connects you to your True Self.

***You will need to bring the following with you to class****

  1. A set of 7 small stones that all fit in your hand. These can be stones that you find in nature, or you can purchase a set of 7 small chakra stones that usually come in a small pouch, either online or at your local metaphysical store.
  2. A totem/item that represents sight and flight or the third eye (can be a very small statue or carving of an owl, eagle, or other bird OR a small crystal or stone that represents the same (amethyst, lapis lazuli, etc).
  3. A notebook and pen.

So long as there is no precipitation, one of these rites will be performed outside.

We will also have a small “despacho” ceremony for one of the rites.

You will learn how to make a Nusta Mesa and how to pass on the rites to others. 

We will take a lunch break. You are welcomed to bring your own lunch, or join us for ordering out from the pizza shop next door.

Payment is required in full in advance, is non-refundable and cannot be used towards any other class on any other date. 



January 4, 2021
11:00 am - 6:00 pm
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