• ****6/13/24 - Classes and session schedules will be updated within in the next few weeks.

Genesis Spiritual Healing is moving as of October 2017!

Genesis Spiritual Healing is moving! My current location in Lumberton will be open until the end of September and as of October 1st, I will be at the new location at 40 High Street, Mount Holly, right behind Horse Feathers Flowers & Gifts – just a few minutes walk to Mill Race Village and Robin’s Nest.

This is a very exciting time – it will be more than double the size of the current location, have big signs in front and back, be easier to find, and overall just perfect for the next chapter.

It will have a MUCH bigger space for classes and a private healing room. 

I’d like to share briefly how this transpired, as you will see that your Spirit Guides really can help you. I had been looking at this space since February and since then, it seems that circumstances have manifested to make it so that I finally decide to move. Last week I was looking for a new space and the one I wanted in February was no longer listed, so I had found another one located in Mount Holly. When I was going to call to set up a time to see it, something told me to call the one from February to see if it was available. So I did, and it was still available! I made an appointment to go see it, as well as the other one.

Feeling a little nervous as to whether Mount Holly was right for me, I asked my Spirit Guides to please guide me to the right area to where I should move. So I started googling yoga centers and metaphysical stores to see if there was least somewhat of an interest in this type of business, and found the name of a little metaphysical store (Cheerful Dreams) and went to their website. I recognized the name of the lady who owns it and swore I saw her name before. So I checked my emails and realized she had emailed me two weeks previously telling me about her store. Definitely seems like a sign to me. 

Here’s the next sign LOL – I went to visit the *original* office I wanted since February, really liked it, but thought I should still check out the other one to be sure. I go over to the other one and the guy stood me up! No one was there and the door was locked. That one was not the right one!

So over the last few days, I asked my guides for another sign to be SURE this was it and that everything would go smoothly if I decide to take it. Today,  I went over to sign the lease and as I arrived and walked to the steps at the back, there was a little feather sitting right there at the steps in front of my face. When I saw it, I just knew it would all go well and I’d sign the lease and it would be mine. 

And it did! 

I am so excited about the next big step and next chapter for Genesis Spiritual Healing. 

PLEASE NOTE: Do not get confused! I am still in Lumberton all through September and will be in the new location October 1st, 2017. 

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