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Normally on Thanksgiving, we are taught to think of all the things in life for which we are grateful. A roof over our head, our job, our family, our pets, etc.

This Thanksgiving week, I would like you to consider something else to be grateful for – something you may not realize as one of the most important factors of your soul’s growth and expansion.

This type of gratitude goes a step further than forgiving your past experiences, perpetrators, and yourself for things you’ve done that you might regret.

While forgiveness may be a powerful tool for your spiritual freedom, moving one step further into GRATITUDE for those painful or regretful experiences can be even more liberating, promoting healing for your spirit and expansion of your soul’s evolution.

As an ETERNAL soul & spirit living in a human body, your time on this earth in this lifetime is like being in “school” – you are here for your soul to re-learn its Divine Essence as a perfect, loving, sacred and blessed being of Light. Each lifetime you incarnate is another day of school – finally, when you’ve learned all the soul lessons required to “graduate”, your soul moves on to a new “career” – maybe helping other spirits move into the spirit world, or becoming a Spirit Guide to later help other growing souls on earth receive their diploma 🙂

All of our negative experiences, however terrifying or unforgivable as they may seem, are really OPPORTUNITIES for our soul to learn, grow, mature and evolve! How can we not be grateful for that?

Here is how you can start moving into “Gratitude Beyond Forgiveness”:

  1. List all the people who have caused (or are currently causing) you to feel pain, abuse, sadness, betrayal, neglect, powerlessness, distrust, etc. In other words, anyone who, in your eyes, has “wronged” you.
  2. List all the “experiences” you’ve had (or are currently having) that you feel have effected you in a negative way, including those that may not necessarily come from a specific person (a house fire, job loss, loss of a loved one, etc.).
  3. List all the things you’ve done or said to others that might have caused pain, abuse, sadness, betrayal, distrust, etc. that you might regret.
  4. Now go through your list, and one by one, THANK THEM! Thank every person, every experience, and yourself for helping your soul’s growth – truly FEEL the gratitude, knowing that if you did NOT have these experiences, you would not be who or where you are today – and your soul would not be this much closer to graduation! You can say something like “Thank you! Thank you for being a part of my soul’s growth. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and am grateful for this experience.”
  5. When any new negative experience enters your life, THANK IT. When you find yourself doing something negative to someone else, THANK YOURSELF (then of course stop yourself if it’s not too late!). Analyze the experience and ask yourself what you might be learning, rather than letting hostility or guilt consume your conscience.

In addition, being able to view your current lifetime from this deeper perspective can help you to stay more balanced and positive during challenging times. Try it and see!

Need someone to help you through the process? Check out my Soul Journey Session – I’m here to help!

And of course, THANK YOU for reading!

Love & Light,

PS) Here’s the perfect song to go along with this, by one of my all-time favorite bands, VNV Nation. Guess what it’s called? “Gratitude”!

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