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How to Make Moon Water

Have you ever heard of moon water? Last month I made some for the first time. Moon water can be used for many things – boosting the energy of a space, room or altar by sprinkling it; drinking it to boost your own energy; watering plants; adding it to magickal workings for an extra boost. You just leave a container outside at night over a Full Moon.

**The Full Moon is considered full on the night before, the night of, and the night after the official Full Moon, so you have 3 days to do this. 

Making moon water is easy!

– Get a container/jar with a lid (plastic or glass – glass can break if it’s too cold, but I have been using glass anyway and have been fine). Be sure to clean the container and smudge it (or some other type of purification) before using it. Make sure you have a lid that fits tightly to keep it covered.

– Add spring or purified water (better than tap water, but do what’s convenient) to the container/jar.
– If you have a specific intention you want to use the water for, hold the container of water and send your intention into it. If you plan to use it for many things, just ask that it be charged with the moon’s energy.

– Place the container outside on the night of the full moon and leave it sitting out until BEFORE the sun comes up. The container should not sit there as the sun comes up, the sun will diminish the energy of the moon. Last month I put mine out around 7pm and grabbed it before I went to bed around 12-1am.

– Store the moon water in a dark place in your home to decrease the amount of the sunlight that hits it.
– Use it for whatever you want!

I drank most of mine because it tasted so good and could feel something different about the energy of the water. I also sprinkled a bit on one of my altars for some added energy. I’ll be making more tonight. Make some for yourself and enjoy!

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