Lightworker Mentoring

Lightworker Mentoring

Do you feel a calling to assist in the healing & awakening of humanity, but are unsure what your strengths & abilities are and how you can use them to help others? Are you ready to gain confidence and release self-doubt that you have what it takes? Through this session, I help you to embrace your soul's purpose as a Lightworker.

As a Lightworker & Spiritual Mentor with over 22 years studying spirituality and metaphysics, this session is designed to assist other Lightworkers or Empaths who know they have a higher calling but don't know where to start. 

In the first segment of our session together, you get to tell your story of how you arrived at this moment of knowing you have a higher purpose. You may have been told you were a healer, psychic, or medium, or maybe you've had personal experiences throughout your life that revealed your divine gifts.

We then have some time for Q&A, where I use my decades of education & experience to provide the guidance and tools you need to get you started on the right path.

*This is not a psychic reading, or any type of 'reading' whatsoever. This is personal mentoring and you will be expected to share information openly.

*This service will be done via Zoom video.

60 minutes - $260

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