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new crystals from gary’s gem garden

Surprisingly, this Saturday was my first visit to Gary’s Gem Garden in Cherry Hill, NJ. I have always gotten my crystals online because I was unaware that his place existed for a very long time. Aside from a beautiful sterling silver ring with a Larimar crystal, I bought these beautiful chunks of nature:

Amethyst, Celestite & Rose Quartz Crystals. These are larger than the palm of your hand!
I had never heard of Larimar before (my ring) and found out it is considered the “Atlantis Crystal” and was believed to the be blue crystal prophesied by Edgar Cayce. It also contains healing energy of the dolphins and helps bring peace and calm. 

Amethyst has many uses, including helping with healing the third eye chakra and strengthening intuition & psychic ability. Rose Quartz helps with matters of the heart, heals the heart chakra and assists us with love of our self and others. Celestite helps to heal the throat chakra, helps with psychic ability, spiritual connection and communication with the angelic realm, and helps bring mental clarity. 

I am extremely drawn to super huge crystals lately. I like them in big chunks these days rather than small tumbled stones, as when I first started collecting them and using them for healing. So far, I am sleeping with them in my bed and they are actually helping me to sleep better. I will also at some point bring them to office for other people to use in healing sessions. 

After this purchase, I will have to refrain from entering Gary’s Gem Garden for quite some time before the store empties my wallet 🙂 


  1. Although, I have had some knowledge about amethyst, its effects and healing properties, Larimar seems unfamiliar to me. So, thanks for enlightening me about one new crystal. I must say, the ocean colored crystal looks stunning and I can imagine how beautiful your ring would be.

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