• ****10/20/23 - Sorry for the delay! I am close to finishing the relocation of my business to Riverside, NJ. Classes and session schedules will be updated within in the next few weeks.

Private Training

Private Training

I am offering some of my classes as private training for those who can’t make it to my Sunday classes because of work, kids, etc.

***Please do not choose private training unless you have an issue with work or children. These time slots must be reserved for those who cannot make it to the regularly scheduled classes.

***DO NOT take advantage of this just because you’d rather “learn alone”. Please respect those who really need it due to time restraints.

Private training for these classes must be completed in either (1) 6-hour day on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday or (2) consecutive weekday evenings.

Awakening Your Psychic Ability, Awakening into Mediumship and Intuitive Tarot Reading are currently not offered privately as they are much better suited for group training to get the practice and confidence needed for highest development. 

I offer private training for the following:

  • Reiki 1 & 2 ($350)
  • Reiki Master Teacher (Master + Teacher Training) ($450)
  • Munay-Ki ($450)
  • Akashic Records Practitioner ($450)
  • Crystal Healing Certification ($450)
  • Shamanic Apprenticeship – (6) classes of (6) hours each ($1950)

Please email faye@genesisspiritualhealing.com to discuss scheduling a private training session. 

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