• ****10/20/23 - Sorry for the delay! I am close to finishing the relocation of my business to Riverside, NJ. Classes and session schedules will be updated within in the next few weeks.

Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance
for Spiritual Seekers & Lightworkers

Gain clarity and insight on your life's path.

This session brings to you divine guidance and psychic/intuitive insight into everyday life struggles and decision making regarding job, career, love, relationships, or spiritual path.

I use a combination of my own intuitive abilities, tarot cards and Spirit Guides, to get to the truth of the matter and give you the strength and confidence you need to overcome the obstacles that may be holding you back or creating confusion in your life. 

My approach is always from a metaphysical/spiritual perspective, so this session is best meant for those on a spiritual path, as it is my life purpose to work with other spiritual seekers and lightworkers. 

Please keep in mind the following when making an appointment for this session:

  • This is NOT a "General Reading", you must have specific topics for which you seek guidance.
  • Please do NOT withhold telling me a summary of what is going on and what you need help with. I am not a mind reader. You are expected to explain your circumstances. Do not play "let me just see what she gets" or I will end the session. This session is to HELP you, not entertain you. 
  • I do not answer questions relating to health or legal matters.

*Sessions for this service are available via Zoom Video or Phone.

**I am currently not offering readings. 

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