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Read “The secret to spiritual healing”, my article published in omtimes magazine

The Secret to Spiritual Healing
OMTimes Magazine

APRIL 20, 2016
​By: Faye Weber


There are several well-known spiritual healing teachers who have published lists of underlying causes for common physical health and wellness issues. For example, Louise Hay has a book called, You Can Heal Your Life, where we can look up specific medical issues and discover the underlying mental or spiritual causes. Several authors have put out their own interpretations, most of which are similar in thought. While none of this information should be discounted, there may be a more effective and simpler way to determine the root cause of an illness, without looking it up in a book. This alternate technique has been found to be highly effective at helping people release their spiritual and emotional blocks and relieve pain and disease.

Let’s say, for example, you have a pain in a certain part of your body, or your doctor told you there is a possibility that you have a certain disease.

The key is to ask yourself, “How does this condition make me feel?”

Therein Lies the Secret…


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