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Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

I have partnered with various well-known spiritual & metaphysical businesses, authors, and teachers, whom I fully trust and recommend, to promote their products or content to my visitors, and I may receive a commission on purchases made. This helps to keep my business and website running so I can best serve my followers, clients and students while providing them with a selection of resources to assist them in their spiritual development. Please feel free to click on any of the images and/or links below to see what might be of interest and value to you. 

Sounds True

Sounds True is a book publishing company for spiritual authors and offers books, audiobooks, online courses and events with authors like Eckart Tolle and Linda Howe.

Gaia TV

Gaia is an online network for documentaries, shows, movies, and interviews related to metaphysics, spirituality, energy healing, psychic phenomenon, UFO disclosure, yoga, ancient civilizations and more, with authors and teachers like Gregg Braden and David Wilcock. You can watch Gaia online on your computer, on your phone, or on Roku.

The Shift Network

The Shift Network brings together different spiritual, metaphysical and holistic authors, teachers and speakers for online courses and free events via audio or video.








Shaman's Market

Shaman's Market is an online retailer for spiritual and metaphysical tools, products and jewelry, especially for those interested in Shamanism, and often have products available that are handmade from Shamans in Peru.

Ka Gold Jewelry

Ka Gold Jewelry specializes in selling metaphysical jewelry, especially pieces related to Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life. I have my own Flower of Life pendant from his store. 

Ka Gold Jewelry

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