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A woman receiving Reiki healing.

When translated into English, the word "Reiki" means, "Divinely Guided Life Force Energy". This life force runs through all things, including you, me, and every life form in this universe.

When we experience the daily stresses of life, we can become a bit disconnected from this energy. A Reiki practitioner is trained to tap into this energy and help you to reconnect with that same energy that flows through you, helping you to feel more balanced and refreshed. 

Having been a Reiki Master now for 8 years and working with hundreds of clients, I recommend Reiki if you are just looking to relieve some stress or tension, refresh your energy and get a little "me" time for relaxation. 

I do not recommend Reiki if you are seeking deeper level emotional or spiritual healing. In my personal and professional experience, Shamanic Healing is best for that. So please think carefully about what you are looking to receive from your session.

While Reiki is also known to help with physical issues and pain, I personally do not focus on clients for physical healing. My focus is more on the energetic body, so please be aware of this.

When you arrive for your appointment, there will be a form for you fill out before we get started, which just gives me a basic idea as to your current energetic condition so that we can set an intention. I do not need to know much information - Reiki is an intelligent energy and it knows where it needs to go and what it needs to do.

**Please do not expect any type of reading or for me to tell you "what I saw or felt". I am usually in a trance-like state when I do healing work to allow the energy to flow naturally. 

Reiki should be received periodically to clear the energy field as our daily experiences, over time, can recreate stress and affect our energy, similar to needing a massage every now and then. 

60 minutes - $175.00

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