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Saint Germain & The Ascended Masters

An Ascended Master is considered to be an “enlightened being” who has lived several human lifetimes and has achieved reunion with their “I AM Presence” (true, divine consciousness). Ascended Masters no longer incarnate in a physical body (although, they may appear in physical form at times) and now reside in what is called “The City of Shamballah”, or the collective consciousness of the Ascended Masters. They go on to help humanity remember their own I AM Presence and bring us teachings through dispensations, channeling work, and just by their own energetic influence. Like Spirit Guides and Archangels, they can be in several places at one time and can be called upon for assistance, guidance, healing & esoteric wisdom. 

Each Ascended Master serves one of the 7 Rays of God. The Rays of God are the divine qualities that all consciously-aware beings already embody, but are usually forgotten when entering physical form. Therefore, each quality and lesson needs to be remembered and re-mastered in order to reach “ascension” – the mastery of being a spiritual being in a physical body and superseding the ego in favor of the I AM Presence.

While each Ascended Master serves one of the 7 Rays, there are different interpretations by those who study the teachings as to which Master leads which Ray, and some may even list different colors for the rays. (See below from wikipedia).

Alice A. Bailey

 Mark & Elizabeth Prophet:

Personally, I am more drawn to the chart by Mark & Elizabeth Claire Prophet and most of my knowledge is based on these teachings. Regardless of who you see in these charts, there are dozens more Ascended Masters such as Buddha, Krishna, Mother Mary, and so on. There are other teachings on this as well with different “match-ups”. Some people believe that over the years, the chart changes as Ascended Masters move on to serve other Rays and take on other responsibilities, which explains why you may find conflicting information.

In addition to the 7 Rays, there is an entire “Spiritual Government” on which an Ascended Master can serve. 


The Ascended Master Saint Germain

The most popular and most important Ascended Master for this time is the Ascended Master Saint Germain. He is considered to be the “leader” or “guide” into the Age of Aquarius, The New Age, The Golden Age – bringing us out of the Age of Pisces (led by the Ascended Master Jesus). 

Saint Germain serves on the 7th Ray (Violet Ray), bringing us the qualities of freedom (from the ego and false self/maya) and transformation into our True Self, our I AM Presence.

He also brings to us the Violet Flame – which is considered a “Divine Fire” and gift from God that can be used to clear our negative karma from past (and current) lives as well as to clear out negative energy and fear.

He also helps to inspire people to learn about Sacred Geometry (Flower of Life, etc.), the Merkaba, the universal truths found in world religions, and new age/metaphysical spirituality in general.  

Saint Germain was a real person, then known as the The Comte de Saint-Germain. He played a large role in Alchemy and many people claimed that he “never died”, several witnesses having seen him well after the usual age of physical death.  Some of his other incarnations include Merlin and Christopher Columbus. 

I highly recommend reading “The I AM Discourses”, Saint Germain’s teachings as recorded by Guy W. Ballard. There are several volumes, but even just one or two will bring you transformational insights and spiritual inspiration. 

If you are already drawn to new age & metaphysical spirituality, he is most likely already connected with you and helping to guide you along your path. By learning more about him and asking him to guide you further, you will find yourself one step closer to Ascension – and one step closer to integrating the energy of the Age of Aquarius. 

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