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A Week of Good Vibes, Healing and Introspection in Sedona, May 2017

The first time I heard about Sedona, AZ was back in 2002. I had made an online friend with a girl from another state, we were both interested in new age spirituality and would chat on MSN messenger often about topics like crystals, psychic ability, enlightenment, etc. She had mentioned that I would really like Sedona and explained that it was a hugely popular place for people like us, and she had been in the process of making plans to visit soon. 

Sedona is one of many vortex areas on the planet - one of the few most popular here in the U.S. All of Sedona is considered a vortex, but there are areas near many of the large rock formations where this energy is known to be felt the strongest. Many people have had very deep, transforming healing and spiritual experiences here, as well as psychic experiences including heightened intuitive ability and encounters with alien/extraterrestrial life forms. It is known to be an area with some of the highest UFO sightings in the world. On literally every corner there is a new age/metaphysical store, psychic, healer, crystal shop, etc. Almost everyone you run into is into all of these things. It is really like a "Disneyland" for those who are drawn to spirituality.

Over the years, I had heard about it often here and there, and about a year ago I started to feel a very strong urge to make the trek out there myself. Finally, earlier this year in about February I had decided it was time! I made all my plans, booked my flight and my stay, and started the countdown to May 2, when I would arrive. 

I must say I was not disappointed at all. I had such an amazing time, I feel like part of Sedona is inside of me and part of me is still in Sedona. This was actually the first full, real, vacation I have taken as an adult. As you can guess, I really lived it up!

I stayed at a place through AirBNB, a small apartment all to myself that was connected to the owners' house. It was in the perfect location in West Sedona - just 5 minutes from everywhere I wanted to visit and 15 minutes or less from all the vortex areas. 

While I was there, I attended several spiritual events and got 3 readings and 4 healing sessions. I ate at ChocolaTree every night for dinner and even went to Olde Sedona Bar & Grill for some karaoke 🙂

Some of you were following my posts on Facebook while I was there - I tried going live several times but often I had no signal, so had to record directly on my phone and post it later. 

This blog brings my entire experience together to share with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

May 2, 2017: Arriving in Sedona

I arrived in Phoenix on Tuesday, May 2, around 2pm Arizona time. It takes about 2 hours to drive into Sedona. This video is me and some other passengers on the Arizona Airport Shuttle going into Sedona at around 4:30pm. I felt like I was dreaming. 

May 3, 2017: Bell Rock

This was my first full day in Sedona and my first hike - Bell Rock. Energy-wise it was cheery, it was an easy hike and probably the best one to do first if you are new to Sedona and don't hike often. There were several areas I felt drawn to and usually there were twisting trees - which is a sure sign you are near a vortex spot. 

Later that day I went to ChocolaTree for dinner - and continued to do so on the entire rest of my trip. Tons of delicious vegan food and the atmosphere is perfect!

I also went to Center for the New Age to meet up with Melinda and the other guests for that night's UFO tour. We seriously, literally saw about 30 UFO's. It was amazing.

May 4 - Boynton Canyon

Of all of the vortex areas I visited, this was my favorite. I had an extremely intense past-life experience upon entering the trail. It's very personal to me, but in summary it appears I may have been part of a Native American tribe that lived there when it was raided and they were chased out. It seems I lost someone I loved very much and may have also died there. There are more details I received myself while I was there and some that came from other readers I saw while I was there, but that is the gist of it. I never experienced anything like it in my life. As soon as I went into a certain area, I just broke down crying. I still haven't been the same since. Several people have said they think that was the main reason I was 'called' to visit, to experience that and heal from it. I think I have, but there may be more left to heal. We will see. 

This hike was a little challenging - it goes uphill a lot and at one point you are kind of walking around a cliff. I did it! Having been afraid of heights all my life and not exactly a 'hiker', I did pretty well and was so proud of myself. I got up to the top area of the vortex, but didn't go all the way up. I promised myself that while I was in Sedona I wouldn't climb any higher than I felt comfortable, and I stuck with it. 

I do find it interesting that once you start hiking in one of these vortexes, something pushes you to go higher and higher. I heard this mentioned by other people in things I've read and heard, and have to say it is very true! It really pushes you beyond your limits, in many ways. 

May 5 - Airport Mesa

I sure wasted a lot of time and energy here! The main trail that goes around the larger part of the rock basically goes around a cliff with a steep drop, so I definitely decided against that one. Some people I ran into recommended I do a different trail that takes you around a different way and goes up to the "scenic view" - still on around the cliff, but not as steep. So I spent about 20 minutes hiking through it then ran into a bee who wouldn't let me through. At first I thought maybe it was a test to help me get over my fear of bees, but then I actually listened and felt it was telling me not to keep going, to turn around. So I actually listened and turned around, hiked all the way back to the beginning, and then noticed there was an area where you could just climb up onto a smaller part of the rock through an easy trail and not-so-hard climb. This was the actual vortex area all along! I was little mad that I did all that walking around a cliff for nothing but glad I didn't go any further. 

I spent about a good hour or more at the top enjoying the view and just relaxing. Energy wise, it felt like just a good place to find some peace. Also a very uplifting energy here. 


May 6 - Cathedral Rock


This was my second favorite vortex spot after Boynton Canyon. Very, very strong energy here for me. Not as emotional, but I did find myself choking and tearing up a bit in certain areas. I originally tried taking the so-called "Easybreezy Trail" - which veers off in two directions, one to Cathedral Rock and the other which goes all the way over to Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. I accidentally started taking the wrong one. I ran into some girls who helped me and told me I was going the wrong way, so I turned back. I got on the correct trail but soon gave up after I ended up having to cross over some loose rocks on a ridge/cliff type thing. Forget it! I went back to the very beginning and decided to take the official and popular Cathedral Rock trail. It was actually very easy all the way until you go to where you'd have to start climbing high. I went as high as I felt comfortable and just relaxed. And as usual, went higher and higher and higher....

Later that day I went to Unity of Sedona (a New Thought/New Age church) for an intense channeling presentation with these two ladies who channel Saint Germain. I then did a little bit of window shopping at the Flower of Life store, then went to a sound healing concert at Sacred Light of Sedona. 

May 7 - Amitabha Stupa and Chapel of the Holy Cross


Amitabha Stupa:


This area is built by local Buddhists and dedicated to Lord Buddha. The monument is said to be sacred and to contain and emanate the true, pure energy and spirit of Buddha. It is tradition to walk around the monument 3 times while praying, so I did. I sat for a bit and relaxed in meditation too. Close to here is another smaller one dedicated to White Tara (I think). 


Chapel of the Holy Cross:

This is a small Catholic church built within a large rock formation. Parking was atrocious. The inside is very peaceful and positive and they have votive candles you can light and they will be prayed over (I think?) either that or they just hang out with Jesus. I had one lit for a certain situation in my life. The view from this area is amazing, you can literally see all of Sedona from here. 

In the morning, before both of these visits, I went to the Sunday service at Unity of Sedona. I heard of this place several months ago online and have been following it since. It is led by the author and spiritual teacher, Michael Mirdad, who I have found to be very inspiring and have learned a lot from. I had been watching his Sunday services on their Facebook page. It was AMAZING to be there in person and see him in real life. 

I also traveled into Uptown Sedona for a few minutes (I was staying in West Sedona) and turned right back around to West Sedona! No thanks! Just tourists everywhere and shops with cowboy and western themes which are totally not what I'm into. I had to check it out while I was there though (so if you ever go to Sedona, I suggest staying in WEST Sedona, not uptown!). West Sedona has a much better vibe if you are into spirituality. 

 May 8 - Boynton Canyon Revisited

On this day, I stopped at my new school, University of Sedona to meet the staff and pick up my books. I had just registered as a student a week previous so that I can further my education and earn my Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in Metaphysical Science. It was great to meet them all and see inside the office - tons of metaphysical books and pictures/art everywhere.

Afterward,  I felt it was necessary for me to go back to Boynton Canyon where I had my emotional/past life/intense experience so that I could spend more time in the area where it happened, to get some insight and maybe some healing. I spent about an hour just sitting in the area and praying to release the past experience and let whatever healing was meant for my soul at that moment to occur. 

With the scenes in my mind that flashed when it happened, combined with the readings I got while I was there, to sum it up - I most likely had a past life here in Sedona and was part of a tribe that had either been at war with another tribe or it was when the Native Americans were chased off the land. I definitely know that a lot of people died or were taken away - I lost someone I loved (I feel romantically) and I most likely died as well. Just sadness and loss all around. It took me a while to tell anyone what had happened that day because every time I'd go to talk about it I'd break down crying. I've never experienced anything like that before. I am happy to say that I left the area with a feeling of peace in my heart. Several people who know this story have said they think this was the main reason I went to Sedona, to heal this part of my soul and the past. 

Afterwards, I went for a healing session with Barbara at Mystical Bazaar who helped me to integrate the experience. 


May 9 - Going home

Sedona was sad that I was leaving! It rained heavily the morning I was going home. The airport shuttle driver said it was really rare that time of year. I think Sedona was sad that I was leaving. But I'm sure I was more sad that I was leaving Sedona 🙁 

I have to say that it WAS everything it's cracked up to be. I felt so home at there that I am considering moving there sometime in the future (probably not for several years yet, though). I will definitely be back very soon, if not next year, I will definitely be back in 2019 for school graduation (I'll have graduated way before that, but every 3 years they have an in-person graduation ceremony for anyone who graduated within those 3 years). 

I hope you enjoyed my stories and experiences. I have much more to tell that would just take way too long, so you are sure to hear them at my classes and sessions. 

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