Shamanic Apprenticeship

Shamanic Apprenticeship Program

Cost: $85 per class

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Pre-requisite: Intro to Shamanism

This 8 month Shamanic Apprenticeship will set you on your path as a Shamanic Practitioner, based on the Pachakuti Mesa tradition (with its roots in South American/Peruvian Shamanism), with some aspects of Native American shamanism covered. 

This program requires serious dedication and an openness to your own personal healing and transformation that will occur throughout its duration. It will require acquiring several items over the course of the program to be used in your practice and they will need to be brought to class as time goes on. 

The program will include:

  • Expanding upon what you learned in the Intro to Shamanism class, diving deeper into the meaning and roots of the Pachakuti Mesa tradition
  • Different methods of Shamanic Journeying
  • Initiation into the Pachakuti Mesa tradition
  • Building your shaman's mesa (altar)
  • Collecting, purifying and activating the medicine pieces to be used in your practice
  • Personal spiritual practices as a Shamanic Practitioner
  • Deeper understanding of the three worlds
  • Shamanic healing techniques and ceremonies including Soul Retrieval, Extractions, Cord Cutting, energy clearing & healing, Power Animal Retrieval, Bands of Power, shapeshifting, Psychopomp, weather shamanism, and much more.

You will give and receive several healing ceremonies and techniques with the other students in the program. When you complete the apprenticeship, you will have what you need to start your path as a Shamanic Practitioner. 


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