Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching

Come into alignment with your true self, leading to a more spiritual, fulfilling and abundant life.

As a certified Metaphysical Practitioner and Metaphysical Minister with over 23 years following spirituality and metaphysics, this service is designed to assist you in creating significant shifts in your life through metaphysical law, spiritual practices and self-empowerment.

Spiritual Life Coaching can help you to better understand and overcome challenges in your relationships, job, career, business, life purpose, spiritual gifts and abilities, or spiritual path by helping you to see your circumstances from a deeper, spiritual perspective while peeling away old patterns of conditioning.

Spiritual Life Coaching focuses on guiding you towards reconnecting to and living in alignment with your true, divine self and purpose.

Throughout each session, we will focus on shifting your thoughts and beliefs within yourself to overcome obstacles so you can live the life that you desire and deserve.

*This is NOT a psychic reading, or any type of 'reading' whatsoever. This is strictly Spiritual Life Coaching and you will be expected to share information openly.

*Phone and Zoom sessions are also available.

$260 per session (60 minutes)

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