• ****10/20/23 - Sorry for the delay! I am close to finishing the relocation of my business to Riverside, NJ. Classes and session schedules will be updated within in the next few weeks.

The Event Horizon September 28th Experience

 On Monday, September 28th, the Event Horizon Wave X Frequency Shift Gathering was held in the back yard of my office. (Details on this event can be found here). I have to say it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! It was also a sold out event with all available seats taken. 

We first gathered in my office and spent some time chatting about our experiences leading up to this date and how its energies had been affecting us. Some of us had been feeling ultra-spiritual lately, while others had been experiencing an emotional roller coaster. 

We then moved outside – taking all of our chairs and my 6 ft. meditation pyramid with us. We set up in the large yard behind my office right under the full super moon in the evening darkness. It was truly a mystical scene. We set up the pyramid and had our chairs surrounding it so that the pyramid was in the middle. After a short meditation and chakra opening, we all sent our creative intent to the center of the pyramid, to the opening at the top, to create a vortex so that the Wave X energy could flow through it and fill the pyramid entirely. During this entire event, we had this beautiful track with Native American Flutes playing:

I had been searching for a good track to go along with this event and found this. As soon as I heard it, I knew it was the one. It was so perfect for the mood and intent. Just unbelievably perfect!

​In the middle of all of this, two unknown birds kept flying above us, chatting very loudly as if they were proud of what we were doing. The first bird was large and white (not sure what type) and the other was smaller and darker. Many of us feel this was symbolic in some way and that these birds seemed to really like what we were doing!

After we allowed the pyramid to fill with the energy of Wave X, we each took turns going in the pyramid for 5 minutes to absorb this cosmic energy and step into the new frequency of 5D Cosmic Consciousness. After each person was finished in the pyramid, I went around giving everyone a bit of Amaya Consciousness Healing™ to help integrate the energy. 

While everyone’s experience was a little bit different, we all felt extremely intense energy in the pyramid and knew that something was definitely coming from this “Wave X”. Some described the pyramid as feeling extremely warm, others experienced sensations at the forehead then travelling throughout the body. I asked my spirit guide to help me absorb and take in as much energy from Wave X as I possibly could handle, and ended up taking the biggest, deepest breath I’ve ever taken, as if I were just breathing the energy into my entire body. When we were all finished with our individual time in the pyramid, we held hands in a circle to spread the energy around to everyone. 

Later that evening and the following day,  I heard from several of the attendees that it was truly an amazing experience and they were still feeling the effects of it. I too am personally still feeling it! I definitely feel different, as if I’m perceving the world with different eyes, much more at peace, and just going deeper and deeper into my spirituality. 

This was a night that I am sure none of us will forget!

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