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The Path of the Mystic Vegan – Special Event (Includes Lunch)

Date: Saturday, April 2, 2017, 11am-3pm

Cost: $11




Come learn about all the benefits of incorporating veganism into your spiritual practice and overall life. It is unfortunately a fact that the spiritual and new age community has not embraced veganism on a large scale. Considering that we claim to be peaceful, non-violent, empathic, awakened and interconnected with all life, yet still continue to contribute to violence and cruelty against animals (and our planet), we are often seen as highly hypocritical in the vegan community. This seminar unites veganism and metaphysical spirituality, revealing the truth of our naturally herbivorous biology, the dark reality of animal agriculture*, and the negative impact of animal exploitation on our spiritual and physical health.

A vegan buffet-style lunch will be provided. This is so those who are new to vegan food can see just how delicious it really is!

This event is intended for those who may be considering becoming vegan or are interested in learning more. Seating is very limited. If you are already vegan, please contact faye@www.genesisspiritualhealing.com before registering.

*Some graphic footage will be presented.

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