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The Power Of Selenite Crystal

Selenite is a very diverse and powerful crystal to help us in healing and spiritual development. I have been using it for a few years now and always highly recommend it to my students and clients. I also use it in most of my healing sessions, and often during my readings and mediumship sessions.

Selenite can be used to:

  • Cleanse the aura and chakras
  • Connect to higher realms such as with the Archangels, Spirit Guides, the spirit world, and Ascended Masters
  • Aid in psychic and mediumship ability, allowing the reader to form a better connection with the higher realms of knowledge and wisdom
  • Clear other crystals and objects, including divination cards and tools
  • Help to further open up the higher chakras such as the 3rd eye and crown chakras
  • Brings a peaceful and calming feeling and helps recharge our energy body

I often use selenite during healing sessions in helping to clear my clients’ chakras and aura. This is done by scrubbing, sweeping or combing through the person’s aura and over their chakra centers with a selenite wand. I also use it on myself with the same purpose and methods, and also find the following to be very clearing as well:

Hold the selenite directly on your body at the following points:

  1. On all of the chakras.
  2. On the back of the head, where the bottom of the skull and top of neck meet (occipital ridge).
  3. On the bottom of the spine, at the sciatic nerve.
  4. On the bottom of each foot – even better if you have two pieces and put one on each foot at the same time.
  5. One in each hand.

I have always found this to be very soothing and feel it helps clear out negative energy from my body and energy field.

Selenite is also good to use during readings and mediumship. Holding selenite in your hands or even putting it on top of your head can help you keep a stronger connection with your spirit guides, and the spirit world, during your sessions.

Selenite would also be great to use if you are trying to get to know your spirit guides, such as in a spirit guide meditation, or when trying to connect with the Archangels or Ascended Masters.

This is why I keep selenite for sale on hand at my office, available to my clients and students, so that they too can reap the many benefits that this sacred product of nature can provide.

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