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Understanding Reiki Levels

Understanding Reiki Levels

Because there are so many traditions and lineages of Reiki, as well as different teachers with different styles of teaching, it can be confusing as to how many levels there are. 

Traditionally, there were 3 levels. Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, and Reiki Level 3. Reiki Level 3 would make you both a Master and a Teacher. 

This is the way I traditionally work as well.

However, many people who come to Reiki find that while they’d like to complete their own Reiki training and receive the Master symbol and Master training to enhance their healing practice, they do not wish to teach it or start a business. This is why I am now offering Master training only, separately from my usual Reiki Master Teacher class. 

So, the breakdown is as follows:

  • Reiki 1 & 2: learn both levels 1 and 2 together. I will not separate these. After this class, you can choose Reiki Master (without teacher training) OR Reiki Master Teacher. It is your choice.
  • Reiki Master: Be attuned to the Master symbol and energies and learn some advanced healing techniques. Reiki Master level gives you the ability to heal on the deepest level of a person’s being. *Those who take this class can opt later for Teacher Training as a private session. 
  • Reiki Master Teacher: Attunes you to the Master level, but also includes Teacher Training as well as lots of information and guidance on starting and building a Reiki business. 

Please email faye@genesisspiritualhealing.com if you have any questions. 

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