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What are Spirit Guides and How do they Serve you?


If you are interested in spirituality & metaphysics, you have most likely read about or heard someone mention Spirit Guides. Like a lot of people, you have probably wondered what they are and what purpose they serve in your life.

While most psychics and healers work with their spirit guides for psychic development, readings, mediumship, and healing work, you do not need to be a practicing psychic or healer to work with your guides. All people have spirit guides, regardless whether or not they are interested in spirituality.

Spirit Guides are beings of Light who help us along our life journey who may, or may not have, previously incarnated in physical form.

Normally, a Spirit Guide is a spirit who has lived several lifetimes on Earth (or other planets) and has “graduated” from physical incarnation, moving on to join the higher Beings of Light in the spiritual plane. However, not all Spirit Guides have incarnated on Earth. Some people have Archangels or other Beings of Light who have never had a physical body as their Spirit Guides.

Spirit Guides usually are not your loved ones in spirit, especially if they have passed on recently or during your lifetime. However, it is possible to have an ancestor (further back in your family tree) as a Spirit Guide, but this is not very common.

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