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Why we need more than one healing session

I have found on many, many occasions clients who think if they just get one healing session, all of their issues will vanish and they will have experienced a miracle healing. While it is possible and I’m sure does happen sometimes, in the majority of cases, energy healing is a *process*. It does not mean you have to get Reiki or another healing method for the rest of your life (unless you want to of course) but one session is most likely not going to give you what you need.

This is not because energy healing doesn’t work, it does. But like with any other type of therapy, it must be done several times within a reasonable time period to have the most beneficial effect. Imagine going to *one* counseling or psychologist session. Do you think all of your issues are going to be magically resolved in just that one session? No, the process is ongoing, so we go until we and our counselor feel our current issues are resolved to the best of our ability. 

Also, with any other type of therapy, such as physical therapy, you don’t go to one physical therapy session and all of a sudden you have re-learned how to use your left leg. You go to several sessions until the goal is reached. 

The same goes for Reiki, Sound Healing, and all other energy healing methods. Your body, mind and soul have been through a lot and your energy field/aura and chakras are affected. Energy healing is like lifting away layers and layers of this ‘old junk’ until you are restored to your original state of wholeness and divine perfection. 

Keep in mind that when you are hesitant to do several healing sessions because of the cost, the benefits of spiritual healing can save you even more money on health and medical bills.  Schedule your Reiki Healing or Amaya Consciousness Healing Session now!

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