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You are Psychic!

You are Psychic!

Although some people don’t realize it, we are all born with natural psychic ability and intuition. As we grow into adulthood, much of this ability gets buried as a result of our conditioning by society, family, etc. While many people see these abilities as a “gift”,  it is actually something we are all capable of doing. As with any other trade or profession, there are some people who need a little more education and training to develop their skills, while others have somewhat of a more “natural talent”, only needing a little bit of direction or figuring it all out on their own. In the end, both types of people are fully capable of performing the same task. 

This also goes for psychic abilities. 

In other words, you ARE psychic!

Many of those who consider developing their skills as a psychic become hesitant or doubtful that they can do it, so they put it off continuously, thinking they just “don’t have it” or “won’t make it”. This is very normal! The biggest obstacle for ANY reader to overcome is confidence and the struggle is ongoing. While confidence levels do rise over time and through experience, confidence is an issue all psychics must work on. The ego constantly wants to jump in and “protect” us, telling us we’ll be wrong, we suck, our client hates us, etc. etc. When really none of it is true (as most of what the ego says is not!).

So never feel discouraged from learning to develop your own because of these doubts or fears – it is very normal. I had to overcome my own in order to progress into making it my career, and just like other psychics, still have to ‘battle’ the ego when it’s reading time.


The Different Types of Psychic Ability

There are several different types of psychic ability. Most people have one or two that are the strongest, while the others may come and go at different times, or not at all. It is also common for the dominant types to change over time, and from reading to reading. 

I have noticed, however, that some people have a misunderstanding as to which one means what, so I’d like to clear it up for you (and help you to discover which of yours is/are the strongest):

  1. Clairvoyance – Receiving psychic information through images, visions and pictures. These images can be literal or symbolic. This ability coordinates to the Third Eye Chakra, located between your eyebrows. To understand this, you can compare it to how you visualize things using your imagination. Take a second right now and visualize a rabbit in your mind’s eye. This is how clairvoyant information comes through. *This is one of the terms I find widely misused. I hear people say they are going to see a “clairvoyant”, which usually is not the correct term, because then they’ll go on to say how this “clairvoyant” sees into the future and makes predictions, etc. That is *not* what a clairvoyant does. Clairvoyant simply means someone who receives psychic information through images, visions and pictures. I also often see so-called psychics call themselves “a clairvoyant”, which either means they are not very educated in their field or are not very legitimate. 
  2. Clairsentience – Receiving psychic information through feeling. Have you ever had a “gut feeling” about someone, or that something was going to happen? Receiving information through feeling often takes place in the Solar Plexus Chakra, located beneath your chest and above your belly button. This is not a coincidence! Clairsentience also correlates to the Heart Chakra, located in the middle of your chest, and the Sacral Chakra, located beneath your navel. 
  3. Clairaudience – Receiving psychic information through hearing. This ability takes place in the Throat Chakra, located right at your throat. This is not your typical type of “hearing”, as you would hear a live person in the room speaking to you. To understand this ability, think of what it “sounds” like to hear yourself think. For example, when you think silently to yourself at work, “ugh, I have to remember to stop and get bread on the way home”. This is just how it sounds when you receive information through clairaudience.
  4. Claircognizance – Receiving psychic information through knowing. This one can be a little hard to distinguish from others some times, but this ability is more like when you just have NO idea how you know, you just KNOW. Kind of like the information just came out of nowhere. 
  5. Clairgustance – Receiving psychic information through taste. While this one is quite rare, there are people who have it. This can be a literal or symbolic taste (symbolic as in, if you get a ‘sour’ taste in your mouth, it could mean whatever the topic is has a negative tone or outcome). 
  6. Clairalience – Receiving information through smell. Like clairgustance, this one is quite rare. This can also be literal or symbolic. 
  7. Procognition/Prophecy – The ability to see into the future. This is another term that gets widely misused. The majority of the population on earth think that all psychics just “tell the future”. This is far from the truth. This is only one psychic ability, and while many psychics might have it, not all do, and there are many psychics who choose to not focus on the future in their readings. (There is also retrocognition – the ability to see into the past).
  8. Dreams – Some people receive psychic information through dreams. While it is not something I normally have experienced myself, it is quite common and many of my students have had this type of experience.

Take a few minutes and go through this list and see which one, or few, you feel you have the most. We do all have it! Don’t let your ego tell you that you don’t. Think of any times where you were thinking of someone out of nowhere and suddenly they call or text you, or you run into them. Or you might have been thinking about someone and found out they were sick or passed away. Or when you had a really bad feeling about a place or person and found out later you were right. 

Intuition is a part of our inherent nature and more and more, each day, people are awakening to the realization of this truth. 

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